Terrace tables

The terrace table

If you have a balcony or a terrace you cannot help but furnish it with a table, useful not only as a support surface, but also to be able to live your outdoor space, large or small, making the most of it and making it comfortable both to use it alone or to organize dinners or aperitifs, even with family and friends. A terrace table must therefore adapt well to the space you have available, without cluttering the passage and therefore being uncomfortable, but it should also have a pleasant design and integrate well with the other elements on your terrace. If desired, the terrace table can also be made on its own, reusing old surfaces or looking for some that can be used for the purpose and later decorating them as we like.

Terrace table models

Whether we decide to make our terrace table by ourselves, or whether we decide to buy it, it is useful to first have in mind the type of use we want to make of it and the measures of the space we have available; also understanding the type of model we want is important, if we need an extendable table, for example, because we usually host many people and often organize parties, or can be dismantled, which can be easily stored when not needed. From this point of view, folding tables are very comfortable, both those that can be either totally closed or space-saving ones, which instead can be reduced in size; another convenient model, if you have little space available, is the fixed wall table, often with a retractable top to be pulled up when needed.

The terrace table: materials

The materials in which the terrace table is made are generally those common to most outdoor furniture: plastic, resins, rattan, wood, metal, glass or wrought iron. A plastic outdoor table, for example, can be very practical, especially if you are people who do not have much time to devote to the care of the furniture, because it can be left outdoors for long periods without damaging it; a wicker or wooden table, on the other hand, should be stored indoors in case of bad weather, because in the long run it could be damaged, even if the materials are now treated with procedures that increase their resistance. The material does not particularly affect the possibilities of the style that we can choose even if, basically,

Terrace tables: Cost of a terrace table

The cost of a terrace table is not high, but a lot will depend on the model, material and brand; you can also find a simple plastic table 140×90 for 20/25 euros, but for more elaborate models of the same size you will spend around 45/50 euros. An 80×60 wooden folding table, for example, can cost around 60 euros, but some models can even reach 3/400 euros, if purchased from particular retailers: for example, a 40×80 brand metal table but with folding, extendable doors up to the size of 120×80 it can cost around 350 euros. Certainly you can save money and also get the advantage of having a more homogeneous furniture if you buy the complete set of table with chairs and sofas, the latter also very useful to make your terrace even more welcoming.

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