Terrazzi e balconi

The furniture for the terrace

The furnishing of terraces and balconies starts from a careful evaluation of the dimensions: these are obviously larger in the case of the terrace, where we can arrange a beautiful table, complete with chairs, which will become the focus of lunches and dinners with our friends and family members. The table can be placed under a pergola or patio, where it is advisable to mount curtains in light and lively colors, which will protect from the sun or, in the case of waterproof fabrics, even from the rain; a faster and less demanding solution is instead represented by the classic table umbrella: there are many models, with bright colors and affordable prices. A low table, surrounded by armchairs and some cheerful and colorful pillows, will instead create a corner to be dedicated entirely to relaxation, which we can embellish with rugs and candles.

Furnish the balcony

The balcony of our house, although not as large as a terrace, can become the setting for pleasant and relaxing moments, following a few useful tips that will allow us to make the most of it. A small table and a chair are already enough to create a nice little corner to reserve for reading or sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Wisely arranged vases with flowers and plants and discreet lighting sources such as candles and lanterns will complete the effect. Even a very small balcony is not difficult to enrich, thanks also to the numerous solutions offered by creative recycling: a coat hanger shelf can be cleaned and repainted in light colors and secured to the balcony railing thanks to iron hooks: it will thus become a nice support surface. for the most varied objects, such as books,

Flowers for terraces and balconies

Any terrace or balcony will not be able to do without a touch of green and color: flowers and plants can be arranged with freedom and imagination, always provided, however, not to neglect the smaller or larger size of the available space and seasonal and meteorological factors. The low and wide planters, almost resembling miniature flower beds, are perfect for the terrace, while for the balcony we can use “space-saving” solutions, such as the traditional balconette (rectangular pots to hang on the railing) or pretty baskets of wicker full of flowers, to be attached to the wall. Among the most common floral species on terraces and balconies, geraniums, daisies, primroses, ideal for spring and summer; in winter it is better to focus on more cold-resistant flowers such as violets, yellow jasmine and cyclamen,

Illuminated terraces and balconies

The right lighting of terraces and balconies will allow us to experience these spaces at 360 degrees even in the evening hours. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to follow some small rules, such as the use of light sources that are not too blinding; much better to use soft and relaxing lights: small wall lamps are excellent especially for balconies, as well as LED spotlights, also available in different colors and inexpensive. To be associated with this type of lighting are candles (those scented with essences of lavender or lemongrass keep mosquitoes away) and lanterns, with the most original and imaginative shapes: precisely for lanterns, the web offers many creative DIY solutions, such as the recycling of painted tin cans, in which to cut out shapes and insert small lights.

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