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Home furnishings

There is no need for any particular statistics to understand that the place where we spend most of our life is our home; even if we are people who love to travel and go around the world, or who work all day because of a profession that often keeps us away from home, however there will be a moment in which “we recover”, whether it is the night or weekends or even days of vacation taken exclusively to rest (and after having worked and traveled all for good or bad rest at home). From all this it is easy to deduce that the most important place is our home, therefore it is the place that we must take care of better, both before buying or renting it and after having done it; this implies that it is necessary to think, evaluate, estimate carefully when choosing where to live, and then we must commit ourselves both in choosing how to furnish and set up your home, and in keeping it efficient to ensure that we never find ourselves uncomfortable living in it. Well, nowadays all this is much simpler, because now all the companies that produce objects for the home, whatever they are, do it thinking about efficiency, improving the level of daily life and lifestyle.

The canopy today

The canopy is a piece of furniture that basically arises as a garden utility; in fact, for our ancestors it was nothing more than a structure formed by four iron pillars that supported a roof that could be made of wood or sheet metal. Its usefulness was to create a covered place where there was none, usually in the garden, to cram tools or other things that could not remain in the elements. This is the shed of yesterday, totally different from the shed today: an element of functional style, that is an object that is designed, chosen and imagined so that it blends perfectly with the aesthetics of the house, with the addition, however, of a functionality, often evolved with respect to that described above. First of all, today the canopy almost no longer assumes the function of before, garden cover, or if it does it is for much more important objects than a lawn mower, and classically it is the family car. But today the canopy is used to cover large balconies, creating inside them areas in which to sit and stay sheltered even in the less favorable seasons, so that you can take advantage of a large terrace or a spacious balcony all year round.

Materials of today

In addition to having changed the destination and the concept of the canopy, as we described in the previous paragraph, the materials with which it is built have also changed at the same time. If once there were four iron poles, sheet metal and two wooden boards to make a canopy, today each component is designed to offer maximum resistance together with a very accurate aesthetic, given that the use of the shed has changed from garden utility. a piece of furniture with functionality, and it is a very different concept. Nowadays, the concept of the exploitation of space is also important, increasingly precious and studied, therefore we need materials that offer maximum resistance with minimum bulk; no material corresponds better to this description than steel, the architect of the industrial revolution: it is a simple alloy of iron and carbon, capable of ensuring very high sealing limits, and thanks to the surface treatments also an aesthetic presentation that is not at all despicable. Indeed, in some particular constructions it is absolutely required that the steel can be seen and touched, and we will shortly give some examples.

Steel canopies

If you read this title, what do you think? We are sure that none of you will be thinking of the antique style canopy, that is something crude and extremely practical, but that most of you are thinking of those modern, almost minimalist style canopies, enriched by accessories of the “lounge” genre, such as leather cushions or grades and light veiling curtains. In fact, it is precisely the constructions in this style that are most suitable for the use of steel: they require that the load-bearing structure be extremely safe and reliable, but that at the same time it hardly stands out overall, and an example is just the canopy previously described. To all these tasks, steel always manages to respond positively, because its great mechanical resistance allows the construction of very little visible structures, because of small diameter, so as to focus all attention on those details that identify the desired style, without weighing down the complex. The prices of these very modern furnishing objects are in tune with these extraordinary characteristics, but the “fault” is more of the great fame of this new style than of materials such as steel, which in spite of how much performance they cost much less than competing materials.

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