Tettoie in pvc

The garden furniture

Every garden, whether small or large, to be habitable must have corners dedicated to socialization, others to parties, helping to brighten up the stay in a comfortable and relaxing way. To achieve this, it is important to choose the right furniture and optimize space, in case the garden is small. The essential furniture is based on a table and chairs, but we can still add a lot depending on the environment we want to create. In parks with swimming pools our imagination can be indulged, in small steps, the furniture can be enriched with various and original solutions. Gazebos surrounded by gigantic plants, poolside armchairs, benches with canopies and cooking and dining areas, covered by canopies are fabulous ideas.

Pergolas and garden sheds

If in a large park we want to protect areas where you can stop with friends or organize parties, we have the possibility of arranging canopies in various materials. Similarly, even in a small garden, canopies and pergolas can guarantee a protected environment to live in company or relax in solitude. The pergolas and canopies of the garden are furnishing accessories that combine the usefulness of protection from climatic changes and atmospheric agents with the beauty of which they enrich the environment. In the old farmhouses, both the pergone and the canopies are wonderful which, starting from the wall or roof, in tone and style with the structure, give a magical touch to the habitable space they overlook and which can be used for outdoor celebrations. There are many solutions and prices,

PVC canopies

Among the many materials with which canopies can be made is PVC. This acronym is the initial of the three names poly-vinyl-chloride, the material is known for its strength and the absolutely advantageous quality / price ratio. The pvc canopies also have an excellent ability to isolate the environment from both high and very low temperatures. The pvc canopiesthey are therefore located in areas where climatic variations undergo sudden changes and atmospheric agents are rather accentuated. We can also use them for the protection of doors and windows outside and to create living environments in the parts of the garden chosen to organize parties or prepare and then enjoy dinners or lunches with friends. Ideal for storing bicycles.

Various types of garden furniture

Those who are lucky enough to have a large space outside their home can create furniture in the same style as the home that is far greater and more complete than those who have small dimensions to respect. Even if the result is different, however, the important thing is to be able to create, and therefore realize by yourself, what the imagination suggests. A small garden with chairs, table, flowering bushes and protective canopies gives refreshment and relaxation for the simple contact with nature. Of course, a large park gives you the opportunity to feel freer, to build it slowly, but the satisfaction you feel in seeing the long dreamed project completed is the same. After all, to stay together in company or relax alone, you don’t need large spaces.

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