The scissors to prune the bonsai

We prune the bonsai, we buy the scissors

Pruning a bonsai can give us moments of both physical and spiritual relaxation. The most common bonsai are the Chinese elm, the bonsai ficus and the olive tree, but before buying one we must have in mind where we want to place it, since there are huge differences between indoor and outdoor bonsai. Bonsai requires a lot of care and to do this we will need a fundamental tool: scissors. Be careful, each pair of scissors has a specific function: cut small, medium or large leaves, or eliminate unnecessary or defective twigs, remove roots or shoots. We can rely on Japanese scissors, which symbolize high quality (and high price), or Chinese ones, better in the relationship between price and quality.

Traditional scissors: a kind of passepartout

If to start we don’t want to buy too many tools, which in the end we would also have difficulty understanding how to use them, then we could rely on traditional scissors. This type of scissors are also referred to as “big ears” because of the very wide handle rings, which will allow us to move comfortably. Traditional scissors allow you to cut leaves, twigs and even the smallest roots, but for the larger ones we will need other tools more suitable for this kind of operation. However, for those who do not yet have a great deal of experience in bonsai pruning, and to avoid causing irreparable damage, traditional scissors can be considered a sort of passepartout, since we can use them for different operations.

But how many types of scissors are there to prune bonsai?

Taking care of your bonsai takes time and patience, but the results will be rewarding and during pruning, as already written above, we will also have the opportunity to relax. What is certain, initially, at first glance, we might also be surprised by the large number of tools that are required. Let’s think about scissors. There are long-handled scissors for cutting leaves and small branches; those with long blades will help us prune even slightly larger branches; small root and branch scissors; scissors with short blades, useful for defoliation; finally, we can also add to this list the scissors to cut the metal wire. In short, a wide range of accessories, which will allow us to proceed with a beautiful pruning of our bonsai.

The scissors for pruning bonsai: Special types of scissors: Satsuki and cutter

We have seen the great variety of scissors that the buyer could face if he decides to buy the tools necessary for the care of the bonsai. Now, instead we will talk about two peculiar cutting tools: the Satsuki scissors and the leaf cutter. The first, long and narrow, will allow you to reach any part of the bonsai, even the internal cracks of the plant and, thanks to the wide rings, will allow easier movements avoiding damaging the surrounding parts. The cutter, on the other hand, stands out for its shape, reminiscent of Chinese chopsticks joined at the base, whose ends end with two pointed blades. The different handle allows speed and precision, but is recommended for those who have gained considerable experience in bonsai pruning.

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