Thorny hedges

Which plants to choose to create thorny hedges

The thorny hedges are constituted for ornamental and defensive purposes, because the plants that compose them are equipped with thorns which, combined with the dense branches and at a high height, make them impenetrable. Among the most suitable plants for this purpose we certainly find pyracantha or holly but also hawthorn and robinia. These plants are evergreen characterized by the presence of thorns or quills on the leaves, which do not compromise the beauty of the plants at all. In fact, pyracantha or holly are also used for ornamental purposes due to their very beautiful and characteristic red berries. The thorns can be more or less pointed and long, for example those of the trifoliate orange can reach 5 cm in length. It is not an evergreen plant but it tolerates low temperatures well, it reaches even 7 meters in height and produces white flowers. Widely used for impenetrable ornamental hedges.

A holly hedge

By using Holly you can get a nice dense and lush thorny hedge . Holly is an evergreen plant typical of the Christmas period, which can reach up to 10 meters in height, and has green leaves with thorny edges and in the winter season it produces very beautiful and characteristic red berries. It lends itself to creating high and dense thorny hedges, but also ornamental. It is a very resistant shrub that adapts well to low temperatures, even reaching 15 degrees below zero, and relatively easy to grow. They also withstand the summer heat provided they receive frequent watering. They have a very slow growth and for this reason they do not require frequent pruning but only a normal cleaning of the leaves and dead branches at the end of the season.

The Pyracantha to keep intruders away

Pyracantha is a perfect plant for creating thorny hedges that keep intruders away while helping to beautify gardens. It is in fact an evergreen shrub native to Europe and Asia, dense and very compact whose branches are equipped with large pointed thorns. It has small shiny dark green leaves, in spring it offers beautiful white blooms which are replaced in summer by red or orange berries. The small white five-petalled flowers are gathered in very characteristic bunches that make this type of hedge also ornamental. The cultivation of Pyracantha is very simple, it is a robust plant that also grows naturally that does not require special care or attention. It does not fear neither the summer heat nor the winter frosts.

Thorny hedges: The hawthorn

If in addition to a plant that creates an impenetrable hedge you are also looking for a good decorative effect, the choice should fall on hawthorn. It is in fact a very decorative solution, thanks to the beautiful white flowers later replaced by red berries. Flowering occurs between April and May while the berries ripen in winter, from October to December. Hawthorn is an easy plant to grow, very resistant to low temperatures, which colors gardens even in the winter months and for this reason it is chosen for ornamental purposes, sometimes alternated with other evergreen plants. By planting the seedlings in spring, in a sunny ground and at a fairly close distance, a dense and homogeneous hedge can be obtained in a short time that will give conspicuous blooms.

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