Ticchiolatura del nespolo

The scab

Scab is a disease that particularly affects fruit plants, such as medlar, and constitutes a danger that should not be underestimated as it can lead to the death of the plant in a short time. It is a fungal disease that visibly affects especially the leaves and flowers of the medlar, which will take on an appearance characterized by brown spots, while on the affected fruits there are real cracks. The spots grow and expand until they take on a thick and velvety appearance, infecting all parts of the plant. The scab is caused by the fungus Fusicladium Eriobotryae and spreads mainly in the period between spring and autumn. Fighting scab is therefore essential to preserve the medlar and its sweet fruits.


Scab is a disease that is not easy to treat, once it has spread and colonized the medlar: for this reason it is important to provide a correct prevention that can protect you from the risk of infection. If there are medlar trees or other plants affected by this fungal disease in the garden, it is important to immediately eliminate the infected part, to prevent it from infecting the rest of the plant and also spreading to neighboring plants. In case of scab, the elimination of the infected parts can be an effective remedy only if the infection is not yet too widespread and if the fungi have not already colonized a too large area of ​​the plant. Pruning is a good preventive remedy even in the case of a healthy plant precisely because it strengthens the medlar making it more resistant to attack by pathogens. A good preventive action is also constituted by the chemical fight, which can be done with specific products to be spread on the plant in early spring to protect it from any attacks. In this, copper-based preparations are usually used.

Medlar scab: Cure

If the infection is widespread and it is not possible to stem it with an ad hoc pruning, little can be done with biological control: it is necessary to chemically intervene to eradicate the presence of the fungus. Usually the most popular products are copper-based, although doldina and Bordeaux mixture compounds are equally used. The spreading of the healing substances must be carried out in compliance with the quantities and frequency indicated, to avoid weakening the plant excessively and intervening with a too aggressive strategy, which could still be harmful even if able to eradicate the fungus responsible for the scab. medlar. The ability to intervene in a timely manner contributes largely to the success of the fight:

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