Tilia tomentosa mother tincture

The properties of tilia tormentosa mother tincture

The lime tree or talia tormentosa, is a plant that has flavonoids, coumarins, essential oils, mucilage, tannins and sugars in its leaves and fruits. These components, which perform a relaxing action, are used to combat headaches, insomnia, tachycardia, diseases of the nervous system, such as states of anxiety and stress. Thalia tormentosa mother tincture is also indicated in case of airway disorders. Having mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective when cough and phlegm appear in flu states. It is an excellent antispasmodic with beneficial effects on the intestinal system, in cases of irritable bowel. Its hypotensive action on the cardiovascular system is recommended in case of hypertension and stress palpitations.

Prepare tilia tormentosa mother tincture

It takes the name of mother tincture, the hydroalcoholic liquid extract obtained from medicinal plants. They are homeopathic remedies also used as a basis for the preparation of other products. They can be obtained from fresh or dried plant parts. The part of the plant will be harvested when it will contain more active ingredients. Then it will be chopped and left to macerate in a hydroalcoholic solution in an airtight container of dark glass. The proportion of herbs and alcohol is 1:10. The solution may vary its strength depending on the medicinal plant. Generally it is 45 to 65 degrees alcohol. The immersion period varies from 21 to 40 days, taking care to remove the jar from heat sources and shake it daily. At the end of the cycle it will be filtered with gauze.

Characteristics of the lime tree

The lime tree, from which the tormentosa mother tincture is obtained, belongs to the Tiliaceae family. Of considerable size, it can live up to 1000 years. The stem is tall and robust, its bark cracks longitudinally over time. The leaves are alternate, with a corded base, and acute at the apex. Its flowers are hermaphroditic, very fragrant, with five yellowish petals. The flowers grow forming tufts gathered in groups of three inflorescences called antele. It is the latter that are most used. The outer cortex also has therapeutic qualities and is used for galenic preparations. The fruits of the lime tree appear as oval noculi the size of a pea. It is from these fruits that the new lime trees will be born.

Tilia tomentosa mother tincture: How to take tilia tormentosa

Tilia tormentosa mother tincture is well tolerated by everyone. There may be contraindications only in cases of subjects who have hypersensitivity to the product or are allergic to any of its components. In the event that there are allergic conditions, taking tilia tormentosa mother tincture will have a laxative effect or signs of urticaria may appear. It can also be given to children and pregnant women. The recommended dose for cases of insomnia is thirty or forty drops before bedtime. For some diseases, the intake of this mother tincture can be combined with other herbs. A little curiosity: the lime tree as a decoction has a decongesting and refreshing action. Applied on swollen eyelids and dark circles, it has a miraculous effect. It is effective when used on sunburn,

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