Tisana finocchietto


Herbal teas are herbal remedies obtained by boiling fresh or dried plant parts. Many herbs used to prepare herbal teas with purifying, draining, relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. Among the most used, also that with fennel, obtained from the decoction of wild fennel seeds. Preparing a wild fennel tea is quick and easy: just add a few fennel seeds in a saucepan full of water. The herbal tea made from fennel is widely used by many people, both adults and children, for its recognized carminative and antispasmodic properties. The little ones drink it to sedate the «classic» colic, while the adults, to calm painful manifestations much more important and often caused by the known «irritable bowel syndrome». In the next paragraphs,

» width=»375″ height=»227″ longdesc=»/erboristeria/tisane/tisana-finocchietto-.asp»>As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, fennel tea is prepared with the seeds of wild fennel, a plant whose botanical name is foeniculum vulgare. Fennel is a typically Mediterranean herbaceous plant, which grows spontaneously in various regions of Southern Italy. Belonging to the family of the umbelliferae, fennel has a branched stem about two meters high, thin green leaves, similar to hay, and from which the botanical name of the plant derives, yellow flowers and fruits improperly called seeds. The basal part of the stem, known as the heart, is a compact structure formed by hard, greenish white leaf sheaths. Fennel is grown for both herbal and ornamental purposes. Herbal remedies include, in addition to herbal tea, also dry extracts in capsule form, while the fresh parts of the plant, such as the heart and leaves, are widely used in the kitchen to prepare tasty salads and as condiments for sauces. Fennel seeds, as well as for herbal tea, are also used as spices and seasonings for meat dishes. Much appreciated is the famous Sicilian sausage with fennel seeds.


The fennel tea is used in case of gastrointestinal discomfort and colitis. The active ingredients of fennel have the property of relaxing the smooth muscles of the intestine and calming the painful spasms caused by colitis. In fact, the fennel tea has carminative properties, that is, it absorbs intestinal gases, effects that are also useful in swelling and bloating. The reduction of gases significantly reduces the main symptomatology of the irritable bowel, namely pain. Fennel seeds, thanks also to their content of essential oils, on which the aroma of fennel partly depends, also have beneficial effects on catarrhal secretions typical of diseases that occur during the winter.


Fennel tea is prepared by adding a teaspoon of the plant’s seeds to a cup of water. The mixture should be boiled for about three minutes, after which it is covered and left to infuse for about ten minutes. After this time, the drink is filtered and drunk. The fennel tea can be sweetened with honey. The recommended mode of intake is one cup half an hour after meals.

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