Tool shed

Garden tool shed

The garden tool shed is located in the garden, in a slightly hidden and not very visible place, useful for storing tools and instruments, and not only.The sizes must not necessarily be exaggerated: we must consider the use for which this type of object is intended. To this end, in fact, even a small locker can perform this function at its best. As for the material, the most commonly used is wood, but on the market you can also find sheet metal houses. tools does not involve much effort: currently there are prefabricated products or modular products that can be assembled very easily.

Wooden tool shed

The wooden toolbox is the most commonly used.The dimensions vary depending on the use you want to make of it: in addition to a tool shed, in fact, they can also act as a playhouse for your children or for an outbuilding in to spend evenings with friends.Moreover, carefully take the measurements of the place where the house will be arranged and buy the one that conforms to it.Make sure that it has a roof, if possible sloping and waterproof, so that external rainfall is not a problem . If you wish, you can paint your house with the color of your choice, or decorate it with inserts and drawings.Moreover, if the house is large, you can choose to insert a light point through windows.

Toolbox: suggestions

If you intend to buy and install a tool shed in the garden, it is advisable to observe some small tips: First of all, it is necessary to read up on the regulations in force in your municipality and observe it to avoid incurring annoying penalties. in possession of a specific authorization that allows the possession of a small house in the garden.Moreover, carefully plan the place where it will be placed: a place sheltered from external agents, and placed in a slightly hidden place of the house is advisable , so that it is not a hindrance to the activities that take place in the garden during the day.Finally, provide constant and accurate maintenance and always keep order.

DIY tool shed

Building a tool shed on your own is not an impossible task.Before starting the work, sketch your project with all the measurements recorded in a precise manner: it is advisable to prefer a structure that is as simple as possible, so that even its realization A quadrangular house with a double pitched roof has seven load-bearing structures: one for the floor, two for the roof and four for the side walls. the four corners of the frame.Finally, all seven panels need to be assembled with enough self-tapping screws.Finally, insulate the roof and apply an outdoor primer.

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