Transplant the roses

The most loved flowers

Flowers are all very much loved, as their history leads us to say that they have been able to conquer the human being truly from within his soul; in fact there are many things that make us feel good physically and also some that make us happy and serene, but most of these effects are obtained for a limited period of time and rarely repeatedly. Instead, the flowers strike so deep in the soul that every time we admire them and / or smell them, we feel something awaken us: now scientists share that this link with nature is written in our genes that for millions of years he grew up, protected, pampered. The most loved flowers can be summarily classified, because it is something subjective that also depends on the situation in which you find yourself.

The Rose

There is no doubt, however, that the symbol of the whole floral world is the rose: this flower, frequently associated with the strong feeling of love, is part of a difficult plant to grow, thorny and quite demanding in terms of cultivation conditions and of habitat. But this “fruit”, thanks to the elegance of its colors and the thanks of its silky petals, has been able to create a breach in the hearts of everyone, and especially of women who really melt at its sight, especially when they are given to them. . After all, the closed, enigmatic, almost modest form of the rose flower is a clear reference to female nature… to be conquered. But not only that, what positively strikes women is the fact that the rose has an innate class, mainly due to its rounded but decisive lines.

Transplant the roses

We have already mentioned that the rose is a plant that is anything but “condescending”, in the sense that it does not adapt very well either to the climates it can find or to how we treat it, unless we are perfect (and also in that case, at times, betrays us). Unfortunately, all this is due to the countless manipulations that this species has undergone over the centuries to reach a product that is as marketable as possible: the myriad of hybrids, cultivars and experimental crosses has brought its obvious contraindications. To transplant the rose it is necessary to know its specific species, because depending on this the period of vegetative rest in which it must be transplanted varies. In general this must be done between October and February,

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