Tulip flowers meaning

The meaning of the tulip

Very often the red rose is associated with the symbol of love and passion but in reality there is a flower whose meaning corresponds to the perfection of love seen as a true and disinterested feeling: we are talking about the tulip. love, what’s the difference? The rose, according to the legend, would represent the revelation of a love secret and therefore love and passion in the case of the red rose or jealousy in the case of the yellow rose for example. that despite being passionate and sincere, sometimes finds himself faced with ups and downs to be faced together.Much loved all over the world, the tulip is also a symbol of wealth as in the

Tulip species

Just as love has different shades, even tulips are no less: today there are about 100 species of tulips and various shades. Among the most common species we find: The red tulip, whose meaning is very important: eternal love.The yellow tulip, to give to your beloved (or loved one) to tell her how much you love her sunny and joyful character. The violet tulip, for a more modest declaration of love than the red tulip, but with a meaning that is always full of positive feelings.But it is not only the color that distinguishes one tulip from another, the dimensions and the nuances are also different. , shape and texture.

The representation of tulips

More than 300 years have passed since tulips were exported from Turkey to Holland where the majority of bulbs are still grown today. Over the years, Dutch botanists have specialized more and more in their cultivation to create so many crosses that a cataloging is necessary.It was precisely in this way that tulips with serrated petals for example were born, as well as the Semper Augustus , the highest paid tulip in the world.The mania that was unleashed in the past for tulips also affected the artists who painted them in so many paintings. From the painting of the past centuries to the tattoos of today, the step is short: many are in fact the people who decide to imprint this flower on their skin for its beauty and its meaning linked to love.

Tulip flowers meaning: Botanical Division of Tulips

Since there are many existing species of tulips, each with its own meaning and color, in botany it was decided to divide them into groups.The first group includes the early single-flowered tulips such as the pink Christmas Dream tulip and the pink Apricot Beaty In the second group, on the other hand, we find early double-flowered tulips such as the very bright yellow Montecarlo and Abba tulips, among the most fragrant of the species.The third group consists of tulips with long stems and we can therefore find the Roulette , blood red and Don Quichote, up to 50 cm high. In the fourth group we have tulips such as the famous Beauty of Parade and Banja Luka, characterized by long stems but also by larger corollas. cup ajar,those characterized by slender flowers or fringed petals or, again, hybrid tulips.

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