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When you intend to buy a swimming pool, it is necessary to make some calculations regarding the space we can have inside our garden or, in any case, our outdoor space.

Deciding to place inside your garden obviously involves an important expense: for this reason all the details must be evaluated, such as maintenance costs, those of accessories and so on.

Installing an inground pool is certainly the best choice when you have a good budget available and, above all, you have a rather large space in which to place the pool.

Certainly, this last type of pool involves considerable costs, which must also include maintenance costs.

The above ground pool is an excellent solution, however, when dealing with a rather limited space in the garden: in particular, the alternatives mainly correspond to inflatable pools, which can be easily disassembled and stored in a closed place during the winter period.

Also for this type of swimming pool, the filtering system must always be checked, to make sure that it always works in the correct way, also to ensure that the water is pumped effectively inside the pool.


Many times we ask ourselves how to make our pool corner better in different ways.

Obviously, you will have to buy objects that can allow you to complete this space and make it not only comfortable, but also as elegant as possible.

The pool deck chairs, for example, are one of the objects most requested by all those people who have a pool area that they intend to furnish.

These deckchairs are made, nowadays, with quite different materials: in fact, they range from iron to wood, without forgetting different metals, which allow to give an elegant style.

Of course, all the materials that are currently used for the construction of these deckchairs are verified and tested to guarantee their impermeability against water and to give particular resistance.

The choice of pool deck chairs, for example, must also be made in relation to the space we are going to occupy, always remembering there are different types of deck chairs on the market that allow them to be stacked: in this way you can enjoy a remarkable and important space saving.

Obviously, the choice of objects to furnish your pool corner is completely personal and reflects the preferences and needs of each individual person.


We often ask ourselves how to make your pool corner as comfortable as possible.

The answer to this question comes to us often and willingly from the installation of some accessories that cannot, by now, really ever be missing inside a swimming pool.

One of the many examples is represented by the ladder, which help to get in and out of the pool and which can be found relatively easily on the market.

In fact, the ladders are made with any type of material: in the event that an inground pool is available, the ladders are placed exactly inside the pool, while when you have an above ground pool, then the positioning of this accessory will take place immediately outside the pool itself.

Obviously, in recent years, showers have also represented one of the most popular pool accessories on the market.

On the market we can find, in recent times, also numerous showers for swimming pools that follow a precise aesthetic style, so that they can be perfectly integrated with the aesthetic profile that already characterizes your pool corner.

turin swimming pool: maintenance

The swimming pool represents one of those assets that, today, those who own a garden do not really want to give up.

Certainly, it is an optional to which to pay the highest level of attention possible, since it also requires a constant effort to always keep it in the best way.

The cleaning of the swimming pool is an operation that must be carried out with great regularity and constancy, as well as other ancillary operations, but equally fundamental, such as for example the regulation of chlorine, ph, purification and filtering of the water that circulates in pool.

Clearly, the ways in which this operation will have to take place are different according to the type of pool in front of us.

First of all, it is important to highlight how in-ground pools are considerably different, also in terms of cleaning and maintenance, compared to above-ground pools.

So, if we had an inground pool available, one of the first things to do would be to check and verify the status of the filtering system, so that it is always able to function correctly and effectively.

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