Types of cherries

The cherry tree

Cherry is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family, widespread in many environments, it has good resistance to the most diverse climatic conditions, presenting a good resistance even to cold. The distribution area includes most of Europe, North Africa, Asia with some populations in the Himalayas. It is a deciduous tree with a growth that varies between 15 and 32 meters in height, not suitable as a pioneer species as it grows in groups in a suitable area. Young individuals from older ones are distinguished by an apical dominance, a straight trunk and a hemispherical conical crown, which in the course of maturation becomes more irregular and rounded. The maximum life is about 100 years for individuals in optimal conditions and above all with a lot of light available.

The cherry tree (Cura)

The ideal soil for cherry growing is medium-textured, mixed with manure or composting material, peat, sand and gravel to provide nutrients and root drainage. To implant the seedlings it is good to carefully hoe the soil before positioning them to facilitate aeration and place a stake to which the stem can be fixed for the first times of growth. The roots must be completely covered with soil. For the first harvest of fruits you will have to wait a couple of years, during which it will be forbidden to fertilize the soil, which will have to be fertilized after each harvest. Eliminate all the weeds around the base of the trunk that could be vehicles of fungi that would attack the plant.

Cherries (Quality)

There are many varieties of cherries and they vary according to size and color shades. Ripening takes place between the end of May and the end of July. The most consumed variety is the Durone Nero di Vignola, with an intense red color tending to black. Durone dell’Anella is very sweet with a bright red hue. Bigarreaux has an intense red color and a very fleshy pulp. Bell’Italia, on the other hand, is small and tender and originates from Trentino Alto Adige. Durone della Marca has an orange color and is excellent for jams. The Railway is very sweet and of Apulian origin. The quality of Monte instead has the particularity that depending on the side from which it is observed it changes from yellow-pink to dark red.

Types of cherries: Cherries (Quality)

There are many very popular types of cherries. The Malizia have a ruby ​​red color with a large fruit. The Mora di Cazzano has a crunchy pulp with a very sweet taste and a very slight sour aftertaste. La Bella di Pistoia, on the other hand, has a pink and crunchy pulp. The French Vesseux shows a very dark red color and has a wrinkled skin. The Badacsony, on the other hand, offers a red pulp with a very dark skin. The Graffione Bianco show a yellow pulp with a bitter aftertaste. The Lapins, of Canadian origin, have a dotted dark red skin and acidulous orange pulp. The Napoleons are of French origin and have a yellow-red skin with a very crunchy and very sugary pulp.

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