Types of roses

Types of garden roses

Queen of the garden and flower that in the collective imagination evokes images of refined beauty, the rose is available in many variations for which there is no univocal classification from a scientific point of view. Typically suitable for growing in the garden, there are different types of roseswhich include the broad class of botanical roses, rustic flowers that are particularly resistant to fungi and pests, characterized by an intense scent and five-petaled flowers. This category includes the rosa alba, the gallica rose and the gigantea rose. Climbing and sermented roses (including Albertine or Casino roses) and bush roses (such as Constance Spry and Fread Loads) also derive from botanical roses. Finally, miniature roses are used for edging and include very small shrubs such as Baby Faurax or Coralin.

Types of vase roses

There are many types of roses that are perfectly suited to growing in pots. Obviously, potted roses require more care and attention than garden roses. In particular, it will be crucial to identify the type of rose to grow, the size of the pot which must have a minimum height of fifty centimeters and the time in which to water them (ideal is to use a nebulizer and wet the roses after 10 pm and before ‘Sunrise). Among the types of roses particularly popular are the miniature roses, but also the hybrids of Tea, rustic flowers with robust and thorny stems that include types such as Blue Moon or Brasilia and old roses, very fragrant shrub flowers that include the rosa alba, the bourbon rose and the moss rose.

Types of red roses

Symbol of eternal love, passion, eroticism but also regret, gratitude or admiration, the red ones are the roses par excellence, traditionally used to decorate the bride on her wedding day or to celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Among the most common types of red rose , the Gallica rose is a very ancient category whose flowers have petals whose color varies from carmine red to purple to mauve. In gardens, they tend to form rather low bushes with dark green leaves. The Gallica Officinalis variant has a crimson red color characterized by golden stamens. The Perpetual Hybrid Rose, on the other hand, is the result of the crossing of other variants and is characterized by an extremely intense and brilliant red color, ranging from purple to crimson.

Types of white roses

Among the most loved and appreciated flowers, white roses are the symbol of purity, chastity and spiritual love and are also available in a very wide range of variations. Among the types of white rose, certainly the best known is Rosa Alba, one of the oldest types of which the legend tells that it was born together with the Goddess Venus from the sea foam. Alba roses are tall, tapered and have petals whose color can vary from pure white to pink. They bloom only once a year and are characterized by a particularly intense perfume of old rose. Also the Damescena rose has a characteristic ivory white or pure white color suffused with pink or red of the petals which can be double or semi-double. Finally, some variants of Gallica rose are also white.

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