Variety cherries

The most common variety cherries before summer

In Italy, among the most cultivated varieties of cherries, there are some that can already be harvested from mid-May onwards. These cherries begin to ripen with the warm May sun and are particularly delicious. We remember the Bigarreau Burlat Cherry, the first variety to appear above our tables. It is completely ripe towards the end of May / beginning of June, and has a bright and juicy red pulp. It has a pleasantly sweet flavor, and is highly sought after by the continental clientele. Another variety that blooms and ripens as early as May is Anella. This variety of fruit has a color that ranges from vermilion red to a fairly dark shade, and a very crunchy pulp; cherries of this type are often used for preservation “in alcohol”.

The “summer” cherries: varieties that ripen from June

Most of the species of these fruits ripen from June: among the most famous cherries we remember the Nero quality duracine cherries. They are particularly thirst-quenching cherries; characterized by a red color so dark that it looks like black, they are available throughout the month of June. This variety of fruit is very large, with a very sweet and tasty flavor, and is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. The Ferrovia cherries are also of some fame; grown mainly in Puglia, highly appreciated because of the juicy pulp, they have a fairly large body and a long penduncle. Perhaps it is the most common type of cherry among those that are consumed by families and sold in the markets: and this because of its very delicious and intense taste.

The types of cherries suitable for storage

Some varieties of cherries, despite being tasty and sold, are preferably used for preservation, the production of jams and preserves, liqueurs, etc. Among the most suitable types we remember the cherries of quality Marca. They are mainly used to make jams or to be preserved in alcohol, they are a type of cherry that has a very crunchy pulp and a pleasant taste, and has a yellowish to red color. The fact that they are used for the canning industry (and also often in the home one) is due to its resistance. Those that are chosen to be put in spirit must be ripe, not bruised, and hard. They are ready to be enjoyed after three months dry and at rest. Similarly, cherries can also be canned.

Varieties cherries: Varieties of French origin

Other qualities of cherries that are grown in Italy but have their origin beyond the Alps, and precisely in France, are primarily Bigarreau Moreau; this variety is particularly widespread in our peninsula, in Emilia Romagna. The cherries of this variety have a shape that vaguely resembles that of a heart, a vermilion red color and a sweet and pleasant flavor. However, it has a fairly short shelf life. On the other hand, the Vesseux variety, another of the summer fruits of French origin, has the peculiarity of a wrinkled skin and a dark red color. It is harvested in June; it has a firm, red pulp that hardly takes root in the stone. Another type of fruit that comes from our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps is the Badacsony cherry, with a curious shape, almost elongated, and a red and dark skin; the taste is sweet.

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