Vase flowers

The autumn pot flowers

The arrival of autumn puts an end to the summer flowering of several plant species. However, this does not mean giving up having a window sill, balcony or terrace colored and cheered up by different types of flowers. Typical of this period are the flowers similar to daisies, of the Settembrini species. Different colors, purple, blue and yellow in different shades, require good exposure to the sun and regular watering for abundant flowering. Flowers in the shape of spikes, vivid and bright colors for the Celosia species. Its flowering begins in spring, in May, and lasts until late winter, in December. The care it requires includes good exposure to sunlight, a preferably humid environment and sporadic watering,

Winter and its gray days can be colorful thanks to several commercially available species and pot flowers. Originality of the flowers and many colors that distinguish the Cyclamen plant. Easy to grow, it does not require much attention, as it adequately tolerates winter and its temperatures have a persistent and abundant flowering until spring. It must be watered regularly but taking care to avoid stagnation of water that could cause the bulb of the plant to rot. Winter flowering also for Hellebore or also called Christmas Rose, it does not need much care and its flowers can be red, pink or white. Watering does not have to be very frequent, it prefers a sunny exposure even if it adapts well to the penumbra.

Spring pot flowers

Spring is the perfect season to grow and choose pot flowers of different species, shapes and colors. There are many bulbs to choose from such as Tulips, Narcissus, Iris, Hyacinths and Dogtooth Violets, it is advisable to plant them in autumn to facilitate the vegetative cycle which will begin as soon as the temperatures return to being mild. Other spring vase flowers suitable for brightening up balconies can be colored violets, primroses or delicate anemones. You are spoiled for choice in pot plants that bloom with the arrival of spring. Jasmine, Geraniums, Daisies, Hydrangeas and Azaleas are among the most common pot flowers that welcome the summer. Easy to find on the market, they allow you to create colorful, fragrant compositions that decorate balconies and terraces.

Summer pot flowers

Many of the plants that begin flowering in spring continue to produce flowers for much of the summer, such as the different commercially available varieties of geranium. There are not many cares that this species requires but in summer they need regular watering. Among the different summer pot flowers, the delicacy and beauty of the Hibiscus also stands out. An evergreen plant with large, colorful and mottled flowers in different shades and tones that lasts over time if watered regularly. It requires a sunny exposure but also lives well in dim light. Pot flowers guaranteed and abundant throughout the summer, choosing from the many colors of the Surfinias. Belonging to the Petunias family, it is a variety with pendulous branches, requires constant irrigation in summer and a

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