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The flower pots

When you want to have a garden or terrace full of plants or flowers but you don’t have enough space to sow them or you don’t find the right spot, you can easily buy pots. The pots have a low price and can be placed almost anywhere. Everyone has at least one vase for flowers in the house as in addition to making the house more alive they also have an aesthetic function. To buy suitable pots it is advisable to keep some precautions that help us make the right choice. It is necessary to know which are the suitable dimensions to accommodate each type of plant and which are the best shops to make excellent purchases and also to save a fair amount. But first it is important to learn how to take care of your flowers and plants and so let’s see how to do it.

Take care of your flowers

To take care of your flower or plant pots, you just need to spend a few hours of your free time. First of all it is important to keep your jars clean as the dust settles very easily; therefore clean the flowerpot at least once every 10 days to keep it always shiny. The plants inside the pots must also be taken care of; it is therefore necessary to water them at least once every 2 days and buy suitable products for their care. There are various materials of flower pots; the material is important because it must be chosen so that it adapts to the area where you want to store your flower or plant pots. So let’s see what material to choose for the pots and what are the right dimensions for each type of plant to be stored inside them.

Dimensions and materials of flower pots

Flower pots are mainly made of 3 materials: cast iron, plastic and glass. Cast iron is the most resistant and expensive material, it is advisable to buy cast iron pots if you have to place the plants in the garden or on the terrace. Plastic is the least resistant material but also the cheapest one, according to the fantasy of the vase this is suitable both for every area of ​​the house and for every area of ​​the outside. Finally, the glass vases are beautiful to look at but fragile so it is good to place them in the right place so that they do not have a bad end. If you have to buy a flower pot, a small pot is sufficient if you have to sow a plant the size of the pot must be at least medium because the plant once grown needs space where its roots can expand.

Flowerpot: Where to buy flowerpot and prices

As a last point let’s see where to buy a flower vase and how much you have to spend to make the purchase. Depending on the material, a flowerpot has a price ranging from ten to more than one hundred euros. On average, 20 euros are spent on each vase you have to buy. Flower pots can be purchased in any garden shop as well as in specialized centers for the home; buy when there are offers to save a fair amount of money. Alternatively, you can also make purchases in online stores or through sellers such as ebay and amazon. In this case it is recommended to have a paypal account or at least a prepaid card to safeguard your spending and carry out transactions in total safety.

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