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The vases that are produced using wood are characterized by being particularly interesting from an aesthetic point of view and also having rather traditional and characteristic features.

Wood is one of those materials that adapt perfectly to the creation of any type of vase: in fact, there are no limitations on shape and size.

Obviously, wood is one of those materials with which you can always carry out special processes, decorations and treatments that help to enrich the vase on an aesthetic level.

We must not forget, however, that wood also has significant disadvantages, especially from the point of view of practicality.

In fact, wooden vases can be damaged very easily: for example, a high level of humidity can certainly represent a danger for the conservation of the vase, while this type of vase cannot be very reliable in terms of resistance to shock comparisons.

So, now we know, we focus on wooden vases, only when we intend to create something original and innovative on an aesthetic level within our balcony or green space.

On the other hand, planters made of wood are particularly popular, which can often rely on a plastic cover to isolate the earth from the actual wood material.

vases materials

In most cases, we are faced with vases that are made with four materials, namely concrete, wood, terracotta and plastic.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the production of plastic pots.

Plastic pots, in fact, represent one of the best solutions for placing plants on the balcony or in small spaces, since they are very light and, for this reason, they can be moved very easily.

In addition, the plastic pots can also be conveniently hung on balcony railings.

Cement is another of those materials that are used in the construction of vases.

It is a material that denotes great resistance, but which is often too heavy so it is impossible and impractical to move the pot continuously.

In most cases, it is the largest pots that are made with concrete, since heaviness and stability are required.

Wood, on the other hand, is one of those materials that are used because of their remarkable aesthetic profile: woodworking allows for extremely beautiful vases.

Finally, terracotta is probably the material that is used most frequently in the preparation and construction of plant pots, since it is quite functional and also has an excellent style from an aesthetic point of view.

I use vases

The pots can be used by placing them directly on the balcony: in most cases, these are those types of plant pots that are placed on the ground, while in other cases they need the support of the railings.

Clearly, when you opt for the purchase of a plant pot to be placed directly on the ground, then you will occupy that space, on the balcony, which is near the railing.

When we need to buy pots for balcony plants, it is advisable to use that type of pots that can be easily fitted and hung on the railing, using a simple support.

Precisely for the latter reason, we will have to have a vase that is above all light: this explains the reason why, in most cases, we choose to buy vases made of plastic.

In fact, plastic is one of those materials that can boast a high degree of lightness: this explains the reason why they lend themselves easily to being hung on the balcony railing, but also to be moved continuously and to suffer several bumps without getting damaged or breaking. .

online vases: online sales

The pots can be purchased mainly at the most important shopping centers or shops specializing in gardening tools and other elements that can be extremely useful for the care and conservation of your green space or, in any case, an outdoor area.

In most cases, however, we also have the opportunity to find a whole list of plant pots that are sold directly on the internet.

In fact, a large number of websites, in recent years, have focused on the online sale of numerous components that belong to the world of gardening and botany.

Obviously, an object as useful as it is widespread as the pot for plants could not fail to be present in the catalogs of gardening products for sale on various websites.

In some cases, moreover, you can also buy plant pots at a rather lower price than what you would spend in a common shop, in addition to the possibility of personalizing your own outdoor vase.

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