Vasi da Esterno

The vases

Inside your garden it is a good idea to insert pots that can embellish dead corners, corners where there is not enough space to sow plants. the pots can also contain only flowering plants and be used instead of flower beds. The pots are used to decorate the gardens in a unique way and no matter what material they are made of, the important thing is that it is in theme with the entire garden furniture. The vases are also widely used on balconies, where they represent the only way to insert plants. In fact, in today’s society an increasing number of people create green spaces inside their homes to stay in contact with nature, especially if the homes are located in the center of the city. Even a simple balcony with the use of pots can become a respectable green corner. On the market there are various types of vases made with different elements and endowed with peculiar characteristics.


The pots are suitable to accommodate any type of plant. In them the plants grow well because they have the right quantities of nutrients at their disposal that are not washed out as quickly as in the soil of a garden. Furthermore, the fact that they are easily movable gives the possibility of taking care of the plants in a particular way according to the seasons, in fact if it is too cold the pot can be moved to a more sheltered place so that the leaves are not affected by frost. Therefore, one of the characteristics that outdoor pots must possess concerns the weight, they must be light at the tip so that they can be easily moved even with the plant inside. Usually outdoor vases must be durable over time, they must not deform or break with temperature changes and possibly must leave their beauty unaltered. It is important that they have holes in the bottom for water drainage, as this avoids stagnation of water which is very harmful for the redices and for the plants themselves. All these characteristics are not yet present in a single type of vase but it is hoped that over time a perfect vase can be created.

How to choose them

The choice of the vase can also be made in the last phase of processing the garden when all the furnishing elements have been chosen and positioned in the right place. At this point, in line with the furnishings, you can choose the type of pot that best suits the plant that is to be inserted. The pot must be the right size for the plant but also the right shape for the garden. In fact, if you decide to insert the vase in a corner, you must also choose the corner vase on the market. It is advisable to carry out a count of the number of jars you need to avoid making wrong expenses.

Construction materials

The vases can be made in the most disparate materials. They range from stone to stone through to plastic. Wood is certainly a timeless element, especially when you consider that it is natural and adapts well to any type of furniture. All this, even if this material is not really resistant, in fact it is very affected by atmospheric agents. Stone is also a natural element and can take on the most particular shapes making the garden truly unique. This element, however, makes the vase not very large and very heavy so it is not very functional. Plastic, on the other hand, is a material that adapts well to any type of furniture, especially because it is available on the market in various colors and is also very cheap. Rotational plastic allows you to make pots with the most bizarre shapes even if it is not biodegradable and causes damage to nature itself. In any case, as we have seen, each material has its own particularities but a material has not yet been discovered that can only have strengths and any defects.

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