Verande per terrazzi

Verandas for terraces

Those who have a terrace and want to make the best use of it, most often choose to cover it with a veranda. Using verandas for terraces has many advantages: it aesthetically improves the home, offers shelter from the elements, allows you to use the outdoor space at any time of the year. The verandas for terraces can be made of wood or with steel or PVC profiles; the covers can be fixed or mobile. The wooden verandas give the house a warm and welcoming atmosphere, however they require careful maintenance; the wood used is generally solid wood, more resistant to external agents, but for such uses it must necessarily be treated with water-repellent products. Aluminum terrace verandas are lighter, have a simpler, more linear appearance; they do not require special care and adapt to any architectural style. PVC awnings, like those in aluminum, are very resistant to atmospheric agents and do not have particular maintenance requirements. The choice of material depends on personal tastes and the characteristics of the house.

Pergolas and garden sheds

The terraces are open spaces of a building, of very different sizes, which allow you to live outdoors without leaving your home. In some houses they are large, on the ground floor, in others they may be smaller, accessed by a French window, in other cases they represent roofing of parts of buildings. Terraces are very common in homes located in holiday areas, by the sea or by lakes, however they can also be seen in city homes. In any case, a terrace is an added value to the home. If furnished well, with plants and furnishing accessories, even original, it can be an excellent solution to spend pleasant moments with your friends. First you need to protect the terraces from the sun and bad weather, with pergolas and garden sheds that can be chosen in wood, metal or PVC. The pergolas and canopies are positioned against a wall of the house, they can be fixed or mobile, depending on everyone’s needs, and give the homes a pleasant and elegant appearance.

Verandas for terraces authorizations

The verandas for terraces most of the time modify the external appearance of the building therefore, before installing them, it is necessary to take into account the urban planning rules established by the “Building Regulations” of each municipality, especially if it is subject to landscape constraints. It is easier to obtain authorization to install pergolas or canopies open on three sides, while for verandas closed by glass it is necessary to obtain the permit from the technical office of the municipality, as this type of installation increases the volume of the building. . If the house is in a condominium, condominium rules must be respected, as well as municipal ones. The approval of all condominiums is required. You cannot build a veranda that alters the architectural style of the building.

Verandas for terraces costs

Installing a veranda on a terrace involves costs that depend on various factors: its size, the material it is made of, the labor. Wooden verandas are certainly the most expensive. The wood used for outdoor furniture is solid wood, a compact wood, resistant to weather changes, which does not deform with humidity; the wood is treated with substances that make it waterproof, but in any case it requires careful maintenance. The verandas in other materials (aluminum, PVC, copper) do not have excessive costs, however they can increase according to the way in which the windows are mounted. If the side windows are fixed they will have a lower cost, if they are hinged, sliding or stackable, they will have a higher cost; the quality of the glass also affects the final cost. You can use reflective glass, which removes excessive heat (or on the contrary low-emissive heat which instead retains it), self-cleaning glass that reduces the frequency of cleaning, facilitated by the sun and rain. Finally, the finishes, any air conditioning systems, construction costs and furnishings.

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