Wireless video surveillance

Wireless video surveillance, also known as wireless video surveillance, reduces or completely eliminates the number of cables and wires. The latter, very often, create clutter and hindrance in homes, not to mention the fact that they ruin the aesthetics of the rooms. Wireless technology offers a concrete and reliable way to manage the control of your home. This type of surveillance has been very successful both for having solved the problem of the wires and because it is easy to install. Furthermore, we must add the lower operating cost, mainly due to the low need for maintenance. However, there are also cons. In order for the signal not to cause problems, distances must be carefully measured and the thickness of the walls must be considered. In addition, the batteries of the cameras must be charged frequently.

DIY video surveillance

It is also possible to create a DIY surveillance, you just need to know what to buy, have a minimum of knowledge and clear ideas. The central body is the VCR. It usually has four entries, but through software such as CMS you can expand the number of entries. The video recorder can be a DVR or an NVR, the latter have the ethernet outputs to which IP cameras are connected. The most important thing is to check if the resolution of the cameras is in high definition. If so, choose a VCR that supports HD images. To complete the do-it-yourself video surveillance you also need cameras and power supplies. To choose the cameras just take them with characteristics compatible with the video recorder. IP cameras need an ethernet power supply,

Urmet video surveillance

The new Urmet surveillance promises to install a real video surveillance system at home, office, shop or company in a few minutes and at low cost. Just buy an Urmet Cloud camera and connect it to a wifi network. Immediately after, the images of the cameras will appear on your PC monitor. The advantages of Urmet video surveillance are to be able to control multiple devices, even installed in different places, to access the cameras with a single user profile and use the service with any Internet Provider. What has made this system very famous is the fact that to install it you do not need technical skills of any kind, just follow the instructions in the package step by step and you will have your video surveillance system ready to use.

Video surveillance system

In this last part we explain how to get an excellent surveillance system quickly and for free. Do you have a webcam and a fast Internet connection? Well, you have everything you need. The webcam will capture images, in fact it will activate every time it detects movements in the environment in which it was installed. The recordings will be saved on the internet. To start the video surveillance system you need to connect to the Ugolog website and click on Sign up. On the page that opens, you need to enter your email address and password. After completing all the other steps, if everything is in order and everything has been done correctly, the service will start working. Obviously, for the system to record, the PC’s internet access is required during the surveillance phases.

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