Vignola cherries

Vignola cherries: the black callus.

Vignola cherries are those that grow on a particular variety of cherry which is known as the black vignola durone. Among fruit trees, this one reaches maturity in a medium – late period and produces fruits that must be consumed when they are still fresh. These fruit plants must be planted in such a way that part of their root system is located at ground level. The area around it must be compressed and mixed with organic fertilizer so that a bowl can be created which must be wetted with twenty liters of water. In this way it will keep it adhering to the clod preventing air bubbles from forming. This is a fundamental operation if you want to obtain tasty Vignola cherries .

Vignola cherries, planting period

In order to obtain tasty vignola cherries, it will be important to plant the fruit trees on which they ripen at the right time. It is therefore suggested to proceed with this operation in the late autumn months and therefore between November and December, anticipating the frosts. Late planting, in the middle of winter, is only possible if it is carried out on non-frozen ground. Another useful period is that between February and March going, in extreme cases, until the first half of April. In the event that these fruit trees have previously been cultivated in pots, it is possible to proceed with planting in other periods without the production of vignola cherries being particularly affected. It is important that the soil is particularly fertile and deep.

Vignola cherries: characteristics

Vignola cherries usually ripen in July. However, it is not possible to establish the period with extreme precision as this can vary by a few weeks depending on the climate and the exposure of the plant. These fruits have the characteristic shape of a heart. The dimensions of the vignola cherries are particularly remarkable and have a very dark color that almost declines from red to a very glossy black. The pulp of these fruits has the same color. Vignola cherries are known for their very particular flavor, very sweet and for the crunchiness of the pulp. These are the characteristics that make them known everywhere. These are fruits known everywhere, which is why they are widely sold abroad. Their price, however, quite high, does not make them suitable for pastry.

Vignola cherries: history

Vignola cherries are of great cultural importance. This is evidenced by the existence of numerous festivals and fairs as well as publications on the subject. Some historical research has made it possible to identify documents in which the cultivation of fruit trees from which these cherries are obtained is known, as early as the mid-nineteenth century. These agricultural productions gradually intensified, experiencing a real explosion during the second post-war period. In those years, in fact, the production of vignola cherries increased to the point of becoming an important source of income for the area in which they are grown. Even today, these fruits are considered one of the most important visiting cards of Italian productions, with their shiny skin and juicy pulp.

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