Water and bay leaf

The laurel plant

Using water and bay leaves, an infusion can be prepared. Depending on the disorder to be treated, different parts of the plant will be chosen, such as leaves, berries and flowers that can be found in herbal medicine or on the plant. In the latter case it is very important that the plant has not been subjected to any treatment with pesticides and that it is not located in areas polluted by car exhaust. Bay leaf infusion can be prepared with dried or fresh leaves. Before using the leaves it is recommended to wash them gently and dry them with a cloth. If you choose to dry them, just lay them on a dry cloth and store them in the dark for a few days. Laurel has the distinction of being an evergreen plant, but the berries and flowers can only be harvested in spring.

Water and bay leaf for digestion

In case of digestive problems, with water and bay leafit is possible to prepare a miraculous infusion. It can be especially useful in case of Christmas binges. The first thing to do is to heat about 120 ml. of water which corresponds more or less to a cup, being careful not to let it boil. Meanwhile, break up the bay leaves and put them in the cup. When the water has reached the temperature, pour it into the cup and cover with a lid. Leave to rest for about a quarter of an hour and add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten. To enhance the infusion you can add a lemon peel (without the white part which is rather bitter) and it is advisable to consume it when it is still very hot. Laurel is quite well known for its power to stop dysentery,

Water and bay leaf for respiratory problems

Water and bay leaves, even though they are natural products, when combined together have the same power as the products on the market that allow you to unclog the pipes. In fact, the laurel infusion is recommended for those suffering from respiratory problems, especially in the presence of phlegm. For these problems, dried flowers are indicated which, unlike the leaves, must remain in infusion for at least half an hour. For a liter of water you need 40 grams of laurel flowers. This infusion is also recommended to lower the fever, and consumed very hot it will promote sweating and allow a much faster healing. There have been no side effects from taking bay leaf infusions, but it is advisable to inform your doctor in case you have any strange symptoms.

Bay laurel berries

The laurel plant, in addition to producing leaves and flowers with known healing properties, also produces berries, similar to very small black olives, which have proved particularly effective in solving some seasonal problems such as flu and cold. To consume bay berries it is necessary to dry them completely and they are much more effective than the leaves because they contain many more oils, including: eugenol, terpineol and eucalyptol. Once dried, they must be crushed and reduced to powder with the help of a mortar, and can be stored in a tin container. The dosage indicated is 2 teaspoons a day but it is always better to ask an expert herbalist for advice. For an even more effective infusion, in addition to water and bay leaf,

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