In designing the garden, all the elements that will contribute to “embellish” or embellish it must be considered. Among these are certainly also waterfalls, artificial aquatic systems that together with ponds and fountains represent the ideal furnishing elements of rock gardens, water or in any case linked to the elegant representation of natural elements. In nature, waterfalls are composed of a movement of water from top to bottom that is created as a result of the erosion of the river bed. In artificial or garden waterfalls, the waterfalls recreate the same movement, namely the jet of water from top to bottom with a movement that brings the water into a tub (pond or pool).


The garden waterfalls exploit the help of hydraulic pumps that collect the water from the tank bringing it upwards and then throw it back down. This movement can be a few centimeters, in which case there will be drip or spray jets, or a few meters, in the latter case there will be jets of water capable of forming a mirror, even very large, which falls back into the tank. . Small or large, waterfalls represent the best water features achievable in a garden. Often these devices are confused with the pond or with the fountains, but in reality they are completely different furnishing accessories. The ponds can receive the water of the waterfall, but they represent the aquatic base where to insert fish or plants and where at the bottom, in the tank, there is the pump that brings the water to the waterfall; while the fountains are the structure made up of base and body, from whose slot water normally flows as if it were coming out of a tap. Waterfalls are aids or devices that must be placed exactly above and in front of the pond or pool. In reality, these devices are called “height differences” because they recreate the same effect as natural waterfalls.


There is not much to say about the characteristics of artificial waterfalls, also because we have already partly sounded them out in the previous paragraph. However, these elements are so important in the design of a garden that other useful information must be added about their construction or construction. The garden waterfalls must be planned at the same time as all the other elements of the outdoor space, in which the available dimensions must be taken into account. In a small garden you can create at most a small lake with relative small waterfall. The small dimensions must concern both the height of the waterfall and also the length of the jet, but also the tank that will have to collect the water, that is the pond.


In a space of less than 5 square meters, only a plastic tank can be installed with a drop by waterfall, always of the same material. In a space exceeding 5 square meters, a tub with a sheet can be installed. Both solutions are easily achievable with the DIY method. The installation of the plastic pond with a slope is much easier than the one with a tarp. Once the area has been identified, an excavation is made of the same shape as the tank, but ten centimeters deeper than the same, because at the end of the work it will have to be covered with sand. Stones and roots are removed from the hole and a layer of sand is added to be crushed and compacted well. Then the tub is inserted and 1/3 filled with water before covering the hole with sand. The installation of the pond and the waterfall with a sheet is more complicated, because the excavation will have to perfectly follow the shape of the desired structure, with flat areas, others deeper and relative differences in height. During the excavation, the deeper areas should not exceed one and a half meters, while the flat ones should not exceed thirty centimeters. The difference between a difference in height and the other must not exceed thirty degrees. Both plastic and tarpaulin waterfalls can be covered with stone. Alternatively, they can be made of concrete, always to be covered with stone. Solutions with materials other than plastic are naturally more expensive. The choice of plastic, on the other hand, is certainly more suitable for small spaces. The pool waterfalls, given the size of this structure

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