Wedding centerpiece

Touch of refinement to the table

Setting a table is more complicated than you might think. A series of rules of etiquette should be followed, especially when it comes to sumptuous banquets. The tables of a wedding banquet demand perfection. The style of the ceremony can be different but the attention to detail should not be overlooked. The wedding centerpiece is of great importance. A touch of light and cheerfulness gives the table a refined and elegant look. At one time floral compositions were used that recalled the flowers of the church. In recent years there has been a real revolution in the use of materials. The location of the reception dictates rules on the creation of the centerpiece without neglecting the tastes of the spouses. Glasses, colored stones, sand, mirrors, candles and flowers can be cleverly combined with each other.

Classic decorations for the wedding table

Ancient villas, sumptuous hotels and reception rooms are the most suitable locations for weddings. The ceremony in traditional guise is always a sober event. Flowers are the basis of the creation of the wedding centerpiece. The compositions include different variations as well as countless varieties of flowers that can be used. With gerberas, daisies, wildflowers, roses and hydrangeas it is possible to create a spherical-shaped wedding centerpiece suitable for a round table. Singapore lisianthus and orchids are suitable for creating an elongated centerpiece for rectangular or imperial tables. For something more impressive you can use the lilies as a central element and arrange roses and gerberas around giving it a triangular shape. Attention must be paid to the association of the colors of the different varieties.

Scent of the sea at the table

The receptions of summer weddings are very often held in terraces or hotels on the sea. Summer sunsets are the perfect backdrop for souvenir photos of the event. The summer cuisine includes seafood dishes, as many fish species are only fished in this season. A themed wedding centerpiece would be the extra touch to achieve perfection. Blue or light blue are the colors most suited to this type of decoration. The centerpiece could be made with white and blue flowers to which marine elements have been combined. The fishing net, starfish and shells are the accessories that would wisely complete the work. Strings of pearls could give a touch of light and originality. Coordinating the place cards with the same style would be a great idea.

Wedding Centerpiece: Flowers and candles for a sumptuous centerpiece

Candlesticks are an indispensable element for an elegant and refined table. Making a wedding centerpiece with candles and flowers involves some care. The 5-arm tall stem candlestick is very beautiful to look at. A wreath of white and lilac flowers or white roses interspersed with bright green branches should be placed to complement the candles. Ribbons, threads and tulle could be cleverly used to create a white cloud in the center of the table. Candles are prominent on the table. Placed in glass candle holders they would be a nice highlight. Smaller sized candles floating on the water are impressive, especially when placed on mirrors dusted with colored sand. If the wedding is celebrated at Christmas time, the colors red and white are the most suitable.

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