Wedding compositions

Autumn wedding compositions

Fall is a great time to get married. In this season the climate is mild, especially in recent years, neither too hot nor too cold and the trees begin to turn reddish and lose their first leaves, giving the streets that nostalgic and romantic aspect. Furthermore, and very importantly, the guests are almost all present, perhaps because they have returned from vacation, and therefore also tanned! The most suitable compositions for a wedding in autumn will be all those that will remember the typical color, that is red, orange and the various shades. A bouquet with calla lilies and roses in orange shades will recall the romanticism of a sunset, or, to stay on the subject of seasonal flowers, opt for orchids or compositions of dahlias, they will create a magical scenario on the most beautiful day of your life.

Winter wedding compositions

Winter offers its magic with Christmas lights and a few sprinkles of snow, if you add a wedding in this splendid atmosphere, it feels like living a real fairy tale! The compositions for a wedding in winter will have to remember the predominant colors of the season, namely white, but also blue, red and gold. For a perfect winter style you can opt for a bouquet of calla lilies, roses or lilies of the valley, perhaps decorated with currant berries, smilax, ivy or eucalyptus. Or, to give your wedding that touch of romance and enchanted fairytale style, you can base all the floral decorations on white and maybe opt for lilies, beautiful flowers with a romantic look that have always been a symbol of purity.

Spring wedding compositions

Spring is the most popular period for the celebration of weddings, especially for those who perform the religious rite. This is the most beautiful season. The flowers begin to bloom, the plants sprout, the streets take on a more colorful and cheerful atmosphere and we are all more likely to fall in love. The climate is perfectly mild, the days get longer and there is almost always the sun, what better time to get married! The compositions for an ideal spring wedding are all those that reflect its essence, so go for all kinds of colors, perhaps with pastel or soft shades, to give a romantic and dreamy style. You can opt for a bouquet of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocus or orange flowers, true symbols of marriage!

Summer wedding compositions

Summer is the favorite season of many. The sun, the well-deserved holidays, the sea, the heat, the beautiful days, everything seems more cheerful, one more reason to celebrate your wedding in this period, which already has an atmosphere of celebration and joy in the air. The compositions for a perfect wedding in the summer will be all those that will represent the true essence of the summer. The most suitable colors for a bride with a sparkling character are all the bright and gaudy ones, such as yellow or fuchsia, while for a bride who wants to maintain a joyful but also romantic atmosphere, pastel shades will be fine. You can choose for a bouquet of gerberas or sunflowers, for the decorations anthuriums or turmeric flowers will be perfect, the latter also suitable for the bouquet.

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