Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations in white

Floral decorations for weddings must follow a well-defined style. If you want to make a wedding with a more sober, refined style, the most suitable floral decorations are those with white. White is the color of elegance and purity and can be used individually (for a total white look) or in combination with different colors (different shades of pink, red, green, etc.) within floral compositions. The most used flowers are Cymbidium orchids (white or pink and small in size), peonies (which can be found white, ivory and pink), roses (of the most varied colors), calla lilies (both normal and larger small). It is advisable to use seasonal flowers to avoid nasty surprises. These flowers can be taken not only individually but can also be combined with each other and thanks to the use of filling flowers and other elements typical of weddings (for example the gypsophila, commonly known as the mist), it is possible to create unique compositions . Among the most popular we have flower balls and cords made with mist and roses, which give an extra touch of class to the ceremony.

Wedding decorations in red

For the most romantic and passionate brides, the most suitable floral decorations for the wedding are those made with red. Red is associated with golden, white, yellow and in rare cases with black. It goes without saying that the most used red flower is the rose. There are many varieties of roses, but the most popular are the classic red roses that have heart-shaped petals, which we can also find in other colors (ivory and yellow); then there is the rose with one hundred petals which exists only in white and red and is so defined because inside it can have as many as fifty petals; a variant of classic roses is the Dutch rose, which is larger in size. Among the other most used flowers we have amaryllis (which can be white or red), carnations (milky white, ivory, yellow and red), daisies (in yellow and orange), sunflowers which are ideal for soft compositions and anemones (ideal for red and black weddings). The most suitable compositions for a red wedding are the soft, loose ones that require a large amount of filling flowers. We can also find heart-shaped compositions outside the church and / or outside the bride’s house.

Wedding decorations in blue

For lovers of traditions, the most suitable color for wedding floral decorations is blue, a very elegant and sophisticated color that symbolizes the tradition and purity of the bride. Blue also lends itself to the creation of more original, personalized themes. Among the flowers that we can use we have hydrangea, in three shades: blue, light blue and light blue, which is the only flower that is found of this color in nature. Then there are different flowers that are of different shades and tones (such as gerbera and dahlia which have an infinite number of colors), ideal for creating shades with blue. In addition we can also find blue roses (which do not exist in nature but are painted). Blue is very often associated with white, ivory or gold, and is embellished through the use of glitter, stones and swarovski. A blue wedding variant is embodied by the tiffany style (aqua marine) which in recent years has become a very elegant and refined theme. Bouquets, centerpieces, scenographies and floral decorations with blue are a workhorse that many spouses decide to rely on to make one of the most important and awaited days of their life perfect.

Wisteria wedding decorations

If, on the other hand, you want a wedding with trendy floral decorations, we can only use the color of the moment: wisteria. Combined with the most varied shades of pink, purple and lilac it is possible to create wonderful compositions. Among the most used flowers there are orchids, both Cymbidium (smaller, pink and white) and Phalaenopsis (larger and with bulbs of different colors), anemones (which have the characteristic of having a black central part), iris , hydrangeas (of the most varied colors), lisianthus (which comes in various shades of pink and purple), gerberas (which exists in infinite colors and shades and has double, wide petals), lavender (ideal for shabby chic weddings). Wisteria goes very well with white. Sometimes those who opt for this color decide to give a personalized touch by identifying a specific theme. For an extra touch of class we can create scenographies with flower petals, which thanks to the variety of shades found in nature create the effect of real rainbows of color. As we have seen, the possibilities of choice are many, you just need to have a little imagination and that’s it.

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