Wedding floral arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements – the bouquet

The choice of the bouquet is one of the most exciting moments when organizing a wedding. A bouquet must reflect the bride’s personality and character, in all its nuances and facets. The choice of flower color is undoubtedly the most important, and must be related to the period chosen for the celebration. In summer you can choose fresh and bright colors, while in winter you can play with warm and intense colors. If you want to stay on the classic, white and all its shades will always be perfect. Cascading for a romantic bride, round and essential for a classic bride, even the shape of the bouquet is completely personal. For the floral composition you are spoiled for choice: roses, hydrangeas and orchids, but also lilies,

Wedding flower arrangements – the church

The choice of flower arrangements for the church must be made with absolute attention and precision and everything must be in harmony with the structure of the church and with the style of the latter. If you have chosen a church with a majestic and solemn appearance, it is necessary to use a decoration that is able to fill the spaces and that does not give the idea of ​​an empty and bare environment. Large compositions on the sides of the benches, as well as around the altar are the right decoration. If you have chosen a smaller but bright church, you cannot miss floral decorations enriched with green plants. The compositions must be small, to avoid creating a confusing environment. In both cases, the bed of rose petals, red or white, in the central nave, and a few candles to make the

Wedding flower arrangements – the winter reception

The place where you need to pay more attention, in terms of floral compositions, is that of the reception. It is advisable to use a few decorations, perhaps flashy and well assembled, positioned in points of maximum visibility, rather than creating a messy and confusing environment. Everything must adapt to the chosen style, recalling the decoration used in the church and perhaps even that of the bride’s bouquet. If the chosen period is winter, it is elegant to use flowers with warm and intense colors, such as red roses, enriched with calla lilies and camellias. Original and suitable for creating an environment in harmony with the cold and pungent climate, are the compositions made with twigs of pine, fir, hawthorn and holly, enriched with currants and wild strawberries to give a touch of color. To top it all,

Wedding flower arrangements – the summer reception

If the warmth and the chromatic beauty of summer are the characters we want to give to our wedding, it is necessary to choose appropriate floral compositions to make the space fresh and bright. Elegant and classic, the rose is always perfect for a summer reception. When paired with carnation, which has an extremely pleasant smell, nothing will be out of harmony. If showiness and cheerfulness are what you are looking for, the peony is infallible: it will make the environment bright and lively. Summer brings with it a thousand colors, so why not play with the wide palette of colors offered by the peony, the flower of truth? As a last touch, for an impeccably summer and warm atmosphere, the sunflower, a flower that does not require much care and that will make your environment unique and harmonious in all its freshness and vitality.

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