Wedding floral composition

Wedding flower arrangement: the theme of marriage

Modern spouses organize their wedding by setting the theme they intend to give to the ceremony. Based on it, the location will be chosen, both for the ceremony and for the reception, the photo video operator will be chosen, and finally, particular importance will be given to the choice of floral choreography. The wedding theme is not necessarily something complex, it can also be a color, a season, a book or a film. The wedding flower arrangement is synonymous with elegance. The florist today must have a particular preparation in order to be able to satisfy continuously more demanding brides. He must be endowed with imagination, with enormous creative abilities, must have the availability of the necessary objects to satisfy every request.

Wedding floral arrangements: everything for the ceremony

It seems simple, but with the term floral composition by wedding we mean everything that is floral (and not) in the scenography of the event. Everything therefore includes: the decoration of the bride’s house, usually with bouquets of flowers in the chosen shades, arches and vases with plants, green or flowery, fake or real, catwalk; the decoration for the groom’s house, which is much more sober, in fact includes some bouquets and the catwalk. Do not forget the floral decoration for the car that will accompany the bride and groom during their journeys on the fateful day. The floral decoration of the church or town hall, more sumptuous in the first case and more serious in the second, includes flowers, plants, walkways. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom are expected to

Wedding floral arrangements: decorations for the reception

Let’s now move on to the designated location for the reception. Again nothing is left unthinkable. In addition to the arches, the vases, the trees, the runners that are again proposed on the same theme, in the restaurant or in the villa where the wedding is celebrated, the floral compositions are the masters to give that romantic and unforgettable touch that the event requires. . We will therefore find centerpieces packed with dried or fresh flowers, placed on backsplashes, in glass ampoules, or as a side dish for candlesticks. Sometimes small floral compositions are used as place cards and paid homage to each diner. Finally, at the time of saying goodbye, the table for the sugared almond is prepared, also beautifully decorated with flowers, veils and romantic objects.

Floral arrangements for weddings: the bride’s bouquet

A separate chapter deserves to be dedicated to the bride’s bouquet. It is an integral part of the future wife’s clothing. She has concentrated her dreams, her aspirations in the bouquet, trying to make it come alive and that it can reveal all her style and personality. The most common flowers used for their composition are: roses, peonies, tulips, lilies, daisies, calla lilies, orange blossoms, freesias, orchids. The romantic bride will, for example, look for a classic bouquet with softly colored flowers, combined with the wedding dress. The passionate bride, on the other hand, will choose a bouquet of red roses, while the sophisticated bride will bring a single flower and the saucy one with flowers and fruits. The bride’s bouquet will also be brought by any bridesmaids.

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