Wedding florists

The figure of the wedding florist

The figure of the florist has often been underestimated over time and diminished by the growing liberalization in the sector. However, that of the florists is a real culture: in addition to the love and passion for plants and flowers that characterize the florist, the knowledge of local, national and international traditions helps to give a particular meaning to the use of certain plants. The theory must then be accompanied by practice, experiments, attention to detail and the client’s study. This happens especially for a singular event like marriage, for which every nuance is essential to give the spouses a joyful atmosphere that they will remember for a lifetime. L’

How to choose a wedding florist

If you have a good budget, you can choose the florist for your wedding directly online, on specific sites that list professionals in the sector. You can even resort to a flower designer, who will carefully study all the environments to adapt them to the style and desire of the couple. When this choice is impractical, you can turn to a trusted florist in your city, whose experience can guarantee success. Sometimes you can save the choice of the florist because the municipalities, churches and restaurants make them directly available to the spouses: in this case the florists know perfectly the environment in which to work and this ensures a good final result.

The role of wedding florists

The most important job of wedding florists is to decorate the church or town hall. In a wedding, the personality of the spouses is enhanced, a detail of their love story or a theme that represents them. The florist must study these aspects in depth to allow spouses and guests to spend magnificent hours in harmonious and welcoming environments. Furthermore, this must coincide with the architectural study of the spaces in which we will operate, with the observation of lights and colors to harmonize and avoid jarring contrasts, avoiding empty spaces and heaps. The florist chooses the flowers according to the season but also their meaning and the budget available to the bride and groom. The florist also values ​​the entrance – exit of the church or town hall,

Wedding florists: The bride’s bouquet

In a wedding all eyes are on the bride, her dress, her hairstyle and, last but not least, her bouquet, usually commissioned by the groom. Wedding florists prepare bouquets perfectly in line with the bride’s character, with her expectations and with the theme and general harmony of the event. They have the ability to choose from a myriad of options: for a bride who wears a dress with a tail, you can choose a cascading bouquet, for a sophisticated bride you can opt for a smaller bouquet or a wrist bouquet or even for a single flower enhanced with a ribbon or other elements that are the fruit of the florist’s creativity. In addition to classic flowers, such as roses, symbol of love, the florist can elaborate compositions of paper, fruit,

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