What plants to choose for evergreen hedges

Plants for evergreen hedges: the Boxwood

Boxwood is a slow growing evergreen shrub. It is widely used for the construction of garden hedges as it does not require special care and is extremely resistant to cold and wind. The shrub prefers sunny or slightly shady areas and adapts to any soil, as long as it is not full of water. Boxwood hedges can reach up to three meters in height, in fact the foliage of this shrub is very thick and dense at the base and for this reason it forms very lush and compact hedges. Boxwood has little showy yellow-green flowers, despite this it is often used for the constitution of hedges as, with the right pruning, it is possible to obtain a beautiful shape, this feature makes boxwood one of the plants for hedges most used evergreens.

Plants for evergreen hedges: Laurel

One of the most used plants for evergreen hedges is laurel. Laurel is an extremely resistant Mediterranean plant especially to hot and dry periods, moreover, being evergreen, it tends not to lose its leaves during the cold season, thus ensuring a lush hedge all year round. The plant also produces small, rather fragrant and ornamental white flowers. Laurel hedges can even reach three meters in height, and do not require special care, however, to avoid disordered and uncontrollable growth, it is good to guarantee the plants 2 prunings a year. A laurel hedge not only guarantees a constant and valid coverage of your garden, but with its leaves rich in aromas and essential oil also allows you to embellish grilled and roasts.

Plants for evergreen hedges: Holly

The holly tree has a rather slow growth and is well suited for the construction of hedges as it requires very little care, has glossy green leaves with pleasantly variegated colors, and produces very characteristic and ornamental red berries. The plant can even reach 6 meters in height, which is why it is often used for hedges whose purposes are: the confinement of a garden and protection from the wind. The holly has a very thick crown that with special pruning can take on pleasant shapes. For hedges, pruning is recommended towards the end of the winter period in order to stimulate subsequent vegetative growth. Since the plant is very resistant even with temperatures below zero, the holly hedge can also be planted in alpine areas.

Which plants to choose for evergreen hedges: Plants for evergreen hedges: the Pyracantha

Among the most used evergreen hedge plants we find the Pyracantha which with its sharp thorns lends itself to form especially defensive hedges. The hedges with Pyracantha turn out to be very showy, in fact the plant produces edible berries with very warm and bright colors that remain on the plant for the whole winter season, sometimes until spring when the small white star flowers reappear on the plant. very fragrant and ornamental. Hedges with Phyracantha should be placed in a rather sunny place, this guarantees the plants abundant flowering. The Pyracantha can reach up to 3 meters in height, however, as it has extremely thin stems, especially in the first years of life it is good to support the plant with cables or pipes,

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