Wheelbarrow wheel

The wheel of the wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow wheel is essential for carrying out certain transport jobs which without its use would become longer and laboriously heavy. The tool for moving goods and materials that is the wheelbarrow becomes totally useless without its wheel. Very often, it is advisable to have a spare wheel to replace the one damaged by the puncture. In fact, it may happen that you have to work on not very flat surfaces, in which the rubber of your wheelbarrow is subjected to working conditions that go beyond simple transport. A path paved with fragments of tiles, bricks or glass can be a somewhat treacherous work surface for the durability conditions of your tire. We will show you, how to choose the right wheel for the type of work you will be doing,

Choose the rubber

The use of rubber suitable for the wheelbarrow is an operation that requires a lot of attention. To avoid errors in the choice, it is good to evaluate in advance, what are the working pressures to which the wheel of your wheelbarrow will be subjected. Also consider the surfaces on which your transport tool will move. Heavy Duty & Dirt Road Wheel: This rubber wheel can be used on many kinds of vehicle. This product uses the best material to ensure the rubber wheel greater flexibility, abrasion, resistance to chemical corrosion and low and high temperature. Wheel for gardening wheelbarrow: This wheel has less high performance given the use for which it is indicated. Its conformation, in fact,

Repair a wheelbarrow wheel – 1st part

The operation of replacing the inner tube of the wheel of a wheelbarrow may seem like a simple procedure. This happens, if erroneously, this type of work is compared to the replacement of a bicycle wheel. This intervention, in fact, presents a slightly higher degree of difficulty. To begin with, you have to turn the wheelbarrow upside down and place it on the ground on a flat surface on the side of the basket. Positioning the wheel in front of the working position, disassemble it with the help of wrenches or pipe wrenches. Use a flat-blade screwdriver as a lever and a screwdriver inserting it between the rim and the tire in several places. Pry it up on the rim edge and lift the edges of the tire. After flipping the wheel, repeat the operation on the other side.

Wheelbarrow wheel: Repair a wheelbarrow wheel – 2nd part

Turn the wheel of your wheelbarrow over and make sure that the tire is completely out of the rim in all its parts. Push in, through the hole provided, the air inflation valve, which comes out of the hole inside the rim. Now, you just have to position the new inner tube of the wheel well and reassemble everything, following the reverse procedure. If you don’t have a new tube, you can make a repair. Just buy some mastic and a piece of rubber to glue on the hole. Apply a good amount of putty around the area of ​​the hole and apply a rubber patch. Let it dry and insert the repaired tube into the rubber. After carrying out this operation, which is not easy but to be carried out in a short time,

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