When roses are pruned

When to prune roses: general information

Before knowing when to prune roses, it is necessary to describe the reasons that lead to cutting the branches and what are the techniques to be implemented for the different species of plants. In general, pruning is a necessary action for roses to be healthy and give them a harmonious shape. In this regard we are talking about training and maintenance pruning and production. The first is implemented at the beginning of flowering, the second is practiced towards the end of winter (it depends on the climatic condition in which the roses are found). The improvement of the health condition of the plants occurs through the elimination of the basal suckers, of the dry, broken and less robust branches. The latter, if not cut, remove the nutrients from the rose, preventing it from developing in a full and luxuriant way. Furthermore, the branches are cut to give a harmonious shape to the plant and to have an excellent production during the vegetative awakening. Generally, roses are pruned between November and March.

When roses are pruned

There is no specific period that indicates when roses are pruned. In principle, there are two types of pruning: winter and summer. The first occurs during the winter season and therefore when the roses are dormant but the first buds begin to appear on its branches. The summer pruning takes place, however, with the end of flowering. With this practice, which can be carried out until the end of the autumn season, all dried flowers are eliminated in such a way as to facilitate a second flowering after about 45/60 days. In addition to the elimination of withered flowers, it is necessary to eliminate dry, damaged branches, those that have hosted the inflorescences and those slender, very harmful to the health of roses. From the point of view of the climate, if the rose is in a mild and temperate environment, pruning should be done from the end of the autumn season and the beginning of the winter, until the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In cold climates, roses are pruned towards the beginning of spring in order to prevent the plant from giving life to buds, which are eliminated with the first frosts.

When pruning bush roses

To understand when bush roses are pruned, it is convenient to know at what time of year they were planted. If the cultivation took place during the spring season, the pruning of the dead branches, the old production, etc., must be cut when the first buds develop without having sprouted yet. For specimens planted during the winter season, pruning takes place in spring. Regarding the formation pruning, it is necessary to give the roses an inverted umbrella shape, thus eliminating the branches that are inside the plant. The height of the branches to be cut must be about 25/30 centimeters from the ground, the main branches must be cut up to the point of lignification. Dry branches are cut at the base, healthy ones must have about 2 or 4 buds in order to allow a good flowering during the vegetative awakening. The slender branches, on the other hand, must not have too many buds because, it could still reduce its size and cause serious damage to the specimens of bush roses. If, on the other hand, adult roses are pruned, the healthy branches are halved and the suckers are eliminated.

When pruning climbing roses

To understand when to prune climbing roses, as for other species, it is necessary to take into account the period of planting, the age of the plants and the climate to which they are subject. In general, the pruning of climbing roses takes place towards the autumn season, when the plants finish with flowering. Pruning consists of cutting old, broken, slender branches with more blooms. In addition to this, it is necessary to prune by about 70% the flowering branches the previous year, always remembering to leave about 3 buds in order to ensure flowering the following year. The slender branches should be cut off about ten centimeters above the ground. Young branches on the other hand should be left as they are, unless they are damaged or broken or infected. As for the tools that are essential for pruning, you need to use shears, a pruner, hedge trimmer and a saw. Before proceeding with the cutting of the branches, it is good to disinfect the blades of the tools you intend to use.

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