Wholesale florists

Wholesale florists: the markets

When you think of wholesale florists the first thing that comes to mind is the flower market. In every major Italian city there is at least one market of this kind: famous are, for example, the flower market in Turin or the flower market in Rome. These large spaces intended for sale, unlike other wholesale points of plants, are located within the city and have the main task of supplying the florists in the area. Every day, growers and producers of plants and flowers bring their wares to these markets to sell them in large quantities to florists, who, in turn, can resell them in their own flower stands, garden shops or nurseries. For the staff of the sector these wholesale centers are essential, because only here they can buy all types of plants at advantageous prices,

Wholesale florists: large nurseries

If the flower markets are the reference points within the cities, the large nurseries that arise in the countryside around the urban centers are another important reality in the field of wholesale florists. Usually the personnel of the sector frequent these nurseries to buy particular species: often the managers of these wholesale points, in fact, are also the growers of specific plants and can therefore guarantee the quality and origin of their specimens. For example, there are nurseries specializing in roses, others that sell only fruit plants, still others that deal only with cut flowers. This way, florists know exactly where to look for a particular species and, in many cases, they can also order a particular plant that they don’t have in store. If, for example,

Wholesale florists: flowers for ceremonies

In reality, wholesale points of sale for florists are also open to ordinary customers. In the case of the flower market, usually two days a week these shops are also open to the public and not just to staff working in the sector. In all wholesale nurseries, however, the customer can go at any time to take advantage of advantageous offers and affordable prices, compared to small city shops. Furthermore, the advantage is also that of being able to visit a large exhibition space where you can find the most suitable plant for your needs. Wholesale points are especially convenient when you need to buy a stock of plants, which are necessary for a ceremony, for example. If you need flowers for a wedding, baptism, graduation and even a funeral,

Wholesale florists: floral decorations

Florist wholesale outlets also provide other types of products, not just plants and flowers for shopkeepers. In fact, other people often turn to these large stores, such as restaurateurs, hoteliers, wedding planners and all those people who are involved in organizing events of any kind. In the case of restaurateurs and hoteliers the need is to buy a large quantity of plants to decorate entrances, halls, gardens or rooms, so it is better for them to buy in bulk. In the case of event organizers, for weddings, ceremonies, conferences, competitions, shows and any other type of event, they too should buy wholesale, to save money but also to be sure to rely on professionals in the sector.

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