Windbreak for the garden

Windbreak panels

The windbreak panels are structures that allow you to create a shelter for crops or for the people who will exploit the garden. Among the structures designed for this function, they are the most aesthetically pleasing and therefore the most widespread not only for agricultural use, but also for green spaces in which to relax and spend time with family and friends in maximum comfort. The panels can have different sizes and be made with various materials, in such a way as to aesthetically adapt to any space and create a safe barrier able to guarantee maximum privacy, or with glass or transparent pv part that allows the view and therefore it does not prevent the passage of light, while still guaranteeing protection from gusts of wind and delimiting the private area.

Windbreak nets

More widespread for agricultural use, windbreak nets allow the passage of light, to the advantage of the crops present, however dampening the force of the wind, channeled through the mesh. They can have different sizes, thus adapting to the needs of the buyer. The windbreak nets are able to protect crops placed even at a considerable distance from gusts of wind, for an effective and optimal action. From an aesthetic point of view, the nets are usually made in shades of green, in order not to create a heavy detachment with the surrounding environment and to fit into it in the most harmonious way possible. The nets are bought by the meter and fixed by means of special poles along the entire perimeter to be delimited and protected:

Windbreak for the garden: Windbreak plants

Alongside the artificial structures for the protection of gardens and crops, it is possible to choose to opt for completely natural elements: there are many types of plants that can perform this function to the fullest and on a par with artificial elements. In this way, it will be possible to create a completely natural environment and add greenery to the ground. The plants that you choose to use as a windbreak must meet specific characteristics: they must have a solid and resistant stem, which does not bend with the action of the wind, and have sufficiently dense foliage but which still allows the passage of air. Similarly, the location of the plants will be such as to leave little space between one and the other, which will act as a “vent” for the gusts of wind that could hit the area.

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