Windbreak plants

Effectiveness of windbreak plants

For small plants or crops just sprouted and sprouted from the ground, the wind can be a fearsome enemy, capable of destroying them and compromising their growth. To avoid that the garden, the vegetable garden or the plot of land are threatened by gusts of wind, it is possible to provide for the construction of artificial or natural barriers. In the first case, the windbreak nets or windbreak panels will allow to break the force of the wind preventing it from raging on the plants, at the same time constituting a protective barrier and able to limit the gaze. The positioning can also take place at a reasonable distance and be effective for the protection of a large portion of arable land. The same function, with equal effectiveness, can also be performed by windbreak plants,

Characteristics of windbreak plants

The choice of the type of plant to use for the construction of a windbreak barrier is varied and linked in part to the preferences of the buyer, who must however keep in mind some fundamental characteristics: the windbreak plants should not require too much care and therefore should require little water, while ensuring rapid growth. They must, of course, be resistant to breaking in gusty winds, with small leaves. The taller the plants, the greater the portions of land they will be able to protect, while a thick crown will ensure maximum protection. The choice of the type of plant must therefore not ignore its characteristics, but must also be linked to those of the type of soil and crops already present in it,

Windbreak plants: The earth

Before purchasing the plants, it will be necessary to establish the exact perimeter along which to arrange them, so as to be able to make an estimate as precise as possible of the quantity of specimens to be purchased. In this way, it will be possible to use the grounding services offered by the point of sale from which the purchase was made only once. Grounding the individual plants at the same time will also make it possible to quickly obtain an effective barrier made up of specimens of approximately the same age and height, for a barrier with homogeneous characteristics. Alternatively, it is also possible to opt for the sowing of plants or hedges, to personally take care of their growth. In this case it is advisable to take into account the development times necessary before the barrier can be considered effective,

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