Wisteria color

Wisteria color

The wisteria color comes from the fusion of purple and white, both of these colors are associated with spirituality and the love of knowledge. Purple is also the color of creativity and intuition, while white is the color of faith, ideals and purity; the fusion of these aspects gives life to the wisteria color, a delicate color that psychologically activates various associations. It is a color that recalls neither the male nor the female world as much as the meeting of the two in androgynous form, but according to scientific studies it particularly attracts girls and young women. In the past it was considered a color that brought bad luck, like all those deriving from purple which is also associated with mourning, but recently the wisteria color it has also become all the rage as a symbol of originality.

Wisteria color is also associated with the encounter between body and mindit is suitable for furnishing the home thanks above all to its relaxing abilities. It is ideal for both walls and furniture and finds its maximum expression combined with white to make the environment welcoming. Wisteria is suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms, but it is not recommended for the kitchen where it is preferable to furnish using more lively colors. The recommended objects of this color in bedrooms are curtains, furniture doors, photo frames and paintings, all strictly combined with white, in the bathroom, however, the combination is successful with both white and black and you can add classy wisteria details such as rugs, towels and elegant tiles. An original variant for the creative rooms is to combine the wisteria color with light green: the

The wisteria color and marriage

In recent years, the most glamorous color for wedding compositions of any season is the wisteria color. It is an original shade that blends perfectly with the whiteness of the wedding dress, creating an effect that is both elegant and innovative at the same time. For the bouquet you can choose white roses to be combined with wisteria-colored roses for an amazing result, or you can combine white and fluffy flowers such as lily of the valley with large soft purple flowers. Those who want to dare and amaze the reception guests can bring out the contrast with the lilac flowers by increasing the amount of green and light green decorations in the compositions. The more traditionalists, on the other hand, can limit themselves to using wisteria ribbons to hold the bouquet and embellish the reception room.

Wisteria color: Wisteria-colored flowers

There are countless flowers that take on border colors between purple and white, among these the splendid Carpathian bluebells particularly widespread in northern Italy and a symbol of hope, lilac flowers, imported from Turkey and a symbol of childhood and obviously the wisteria plant , of oriental origin which represents awareness and conscience. To create a decorative composition with flowers of this color it is essential to keep in mind that the combination with flowers of cold colors such as blue or light blue could be a bit macabre, while the combination with warm colors such as red or orange would be far too wacky and flashy. The best thing is therefore to keep to neutral shades by choosing white or pink flowers, the same goes for the vase,

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