Wood barbecue

Wood-burning barbecue

Wood-burning barbecues are the most common in Italy, where gas barbecues are rarely used: the aroma of fire produced by wood or charcoal is priceless compared to that of fire originating from other fuels. Small logs of seasoned wood are used in wood-burning barbecues, but also charcoal, shavings or other solid fuel; these materials have a low cost and can be found in every supermarket, making the preparation of the barbecue very cheap and simple. The charm of open flames, produced by wood, is certainly the main attraction of barbecues of this type, with which mainly meat or fish dishes are prepared. These barbecues can be built in masonry, and therefore positioned in a predetermined area of ​​the garden; but there are metal wood-burning barbecues,

Prices of wood-fired barbecues

Being the most widespread type of barbecue in our country, we can clearly find many models on the market, of different materials and sizes. For this reason, prices can be the most varied. The cheapest wood-burning barbecues are those made of metal, powder-coated or enameled in bright colors; the simpler models can cost a few tens of euros, but if we want a large grill, with a small support surface nearby and perhaps a lid for the barbecue, equipped with a thermostat, we can also spend a few hundred euros. Brick-built wood-burning barbecues are slightly more expensive, and need more space, especially because once placed, we will leave them there for many years: if we do not have a space in the garden used as a barbecue corner, a masonry structure will be impossible to place. Also in this case, there are models for all tastes and budgets, from 100-120 euros, up to large barbecues that can also cost 500-800 euros, with oven, hood and shelves.

Wood for the barbecue

Typically the barbecue in Italy is prepared using charcoal of industrial origin; this is because the embers can be produced in record time, and the barbecue will be ready much faster. True lovers of grilled cooking instead use wood, which first of all produces fewer fumes harmful to health than charcoal, and also allows you to naturally flavor foods while cooking. Unfortunately, wood does not have the same type of availability for everyone: in the hills and in the mountains it is a good that is sold in large quantities at ridiculously low prices; in the plains and close to large cities, it is found in shopping centers, at decidedly excessive prices. If you have the opportunity, look for dry wood from the pruning of an orchard or a vineyard,

Wood barbecue: Maintenance of the wood barbecue

Wood and charcoal barbecues are often left outdoors all year round; if you have a metal model and cannot store it in the cellar during the winter, you can cover it with a plastic sheet, so that the cold and rains do not damage the coating. Masonry barbecues, on the other hand, are specially treated to withstand any climate, but it is advisable to periodically coat them with special anti-water paints, which keep the structure free from mold and infiltrations. The grids must be periodically cleaned and degreased, using the fire and comfortable metal brushes, which effectively scrape the surface. Periodically, or at the end of the season, perfectly clean the brazier from the ash, which can be delivered to the local landfill, as organic waste,

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