Wood grating

Wooden grill

A wooden grating is a structure suitable for various purposes, and in fact on the market we find them of different shapes, sizes, qualities. The choice of a wooden grating depends on the use you want to make of it: the robust and heavy wooden models, well finished, with a rigid frame, are suitable for delimiting the boundaries of a property, or to form the balustrade of a terrace. ; the simpler and lighter models, in cheap material, can be used as a temporary support for a plant, or to support a climber. The differences between the different models also greatly affect the price. The wooden gratings, in general, are very elegant and give a touch of originality to the areas of the garden in which they are placed; they are much more rustic or elegant depending on the model you purchased.

Grilled wood panel

The wooden gratings are available divided into panels, of different shapes and sizes; generally they are about 150-180 cm tall, for a length that varies from 40 to 200 cm. Typically they are prepared to be used in a modular way: more gratings of the same model can be placed side by side, to cover the entire area that interests us. A wooden grid panel can be used as a support for climbing plants, using a single panel for each plant, or a series of closely spaced units, to form a hedge. On the market we also find wooden grating panels with a windbreak function: the space between the slats that form the grid is small, or filled with small wooden slats, in order to prevent air from entering the garden. In addition to the support and division function,

Prices of wooden grills

The price of a wooden grating depends on its size, the model chosen, and the quality of the material used to make it. The cheaper models are made of thin lumber, or bamboo, and also cost less than 20 euros for a 40 cm wide panel; in general, the wood is not impregnated with paints that make it resistant to bad weather, but only dyed, to improve its aesthetics. These panels are cheap, but they also tend to deteriorate over the years. The most expensive panels are produced using valuable and solid wood; they have a thick side frame, which makes the panel stable once fixed. The wood is treated so that it can be left outdoors without suffering any damage, using special paints against the sun’s rays and mold attacks.

Wood grating: The maintenance of wooden grating

Wood is a living material, which even if treated remains porous and rough; over the years it tends to absorb part of the water received with the rains, and to feel the effects of heat, sun, rain and frost. To ensure that the elements, dust, smog and dirt do not damage the wood, damaging it irreparably, it is important to practice good maintenance regularly. At the end of winter, clean the gratings using a damp cloth to remove the most evident dirt. Every 3-5 years, protect the surface by painting it with special impregnating products. The cheaper gratings are often covered with a transparent varnish, which tears the pores of the wood: over the years this breaks and detaches, it is useful to sand the wood and cover it with a product against bad weather.

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