Wooden canopies

Wooden shelters prices

Buying a wooden canopy in a kit supplied by an outdoor furniture store can be a practical solution for your needs. On the market there is both the simplest solution, a canopy with supports, and the one complete with upper covering with tiles. The price of the shelters varies according to the size you choose: however, consider that the cost of a simple canopy of 160 cm in length and 80 cm in width is around 200 euros. The price, on the other hand, increases by approximately 40% if you decide to also buy the cover. If you want to spend less, the only solution is to buy the material and build the shelter manually. On the other hand, there is no saving if you decide to purchase the supports separately from the shelter.

DIY wooden door canopies

Those who have good dexterity and want to try their hand at manual work, can build their own do-it-yourself shelter, saving a little on the market price. The first step to take in this sense is to take the measurements of the area you want to cover well: once this is done, it is advisable to sketch the project of the work that must be done and take notes about the materials and necessary items. During processing, it is necessary to regularly check the success of the project: therefore, check that the drafted project coincides with the work in progress. Even the roofing and the cladding can be made by yourself: in this case, it is not necessary to carry out a project because the measures are not essential.

Wooden shelters for cars

The wooden sheltersthey can be an excellent solution for a parking space in the garden. Those who have an open space, in fact, can think of creating a canopy with a cover to protect their machine from precipitation and external agents. Depending on the space available, you can create more parking spaces, or even places for scooters and bicycles. The cover can be classic, with tiles or simple, in wood. An excellent solution to combine functionality with attention to the environment can be to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of the canopy, in order to accumulate energy to be released for the lighting of the exterior or interior of the house. The latter option is certainly more expensive, but absolutely the best in terms of future savings.

Using wooden canopies can be an excellent solution for your outdoor furniture. As previously mentioned, it can be used to cover a space intended for the parking of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. But this is not the only solution. If your home has a small terrace in front of the entrance door, you can think of creating a canopy that covers a part of it, in order to have a shaded area on summer days and shelter from the wind and cold on days. winter. Similarly, small canopies can be installed on the upper part of the windows, especially those on the top floor. In this way, if you usually hang out the laundry outside, the canopy will protect your clothes from the rain.

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