Wooden fences

Wooden fences for garden

The wooden fence, a choice for your garden that has the function of better organizing the space, for example to insert animals or plants that must not mix with other crops. Wooden fences must be articulated and designed based on how much space you have, how much maintenance you need, how much you want to spend and how long we want to spend getting them. The options are many but the choices are essentially divided into two: either you build it yourself, with “do it yourself” (a choice that requires a minimum of DIY knowledge, not much but at least a minimum) or relies on the hands of experts, who will carry out the editing task (which is the most stressful part of the work). Instead the choice of colors, for example, is totally a personal matter, not affecting the purposes of

Wooden fences: prices

Wooden fences are decorative and functional elements of the garden. Their price is extremely variable, based on different types of factors. Let’s remember first of all the type of wood used (one thing is in fact plywood one thing are instead the pieces in cherry or other precious wood), then the price varies also based on the labor, we will assemble it or a worker will assemble it, in that case we would have to pay for it and then it will certainly increase the price of the fence. Even the presence of a gate, which must be bought separately, will greatly increase the price since it is an independent element and often difficult to produce as a “do it yourself”. Many companies offer their work both in assembly and in proposing standard models, it is natural that if you want to save money you will go on a do-it-yourself model.

DIY wooden fences

A wooden fence is nothing more than a small area of ​​your green space that you delimit for common use. Therefore, based on the use you make of it, you can build it yourself. A good DIY fence is one that contains a solid structure, which resists the elements, and is easy to build. First make a sketch of the work you want to perform, calculate the materials necessary for its implementation, and take possession of it.Once the area is delimited, you can start work immediately. Place the concrete on the edges (if you have decided to graft the wooden poles on a solid base or place them directly in the ground. Combine the poles as you prefer (if you want a classic solution you will place them in such a way as to obtain a fence, otherwise you can build a fence. With a few hours of work and a really small amount of money you can get your own DIY fence!

Wooden fences for horses

Do you have a passion for horses? The wooden fence will provide you with the best. Using a high wooden fence with horizontal bars that are not necessarily narrow to allow good ventilation of the fence. Furthermore, the size of the latter must be sufficient to allow the animal or animals to move freely. Due to its stature, the horse also needs sturdy fences or it will easily run away and also needs a bed in which to rest without any problem. One last problem is the sun, that is, you have to choose a not too sunny exposure of the enclosure so as not to make the animals suffer (this includes floors made up of soil and not asphalt that damage the horses’ hooves).

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