Wooden garden furniture

The time has come to eat, alone or in company

The first elements to be placed in your garden are a table with chairs or benches, to be able to face, appropriately equipped, convivial moments with friends and relatives. There are many wooden models available on the market, all characterized by an attractive design, both for the classic genre, and for the rustic and modern one. Which solution to adopt essentially depends on the space available and the anticipation of guests who will usually participate in lunches and dinners with friends. Extendable tables are an effective compromise for those situations in which the useful space is limited, but at the same time you want to be able to accommodate many people. The table collections always offer matching chairs that reflect the style.

Chatting comfortably seated

Another useful element to create a perfect wooden garden furniture is the living room. This product can be considered, with good reason, a real center of attraction. Every moment will become the ideal one to sit comfortably and to read a book, a magazine, to relax, to be in the company of friends or family. The possibilities of choosing the most suitable living room for the space available are various, ranging from models with small dimensions to others that are decidedly more generous and welcoming. The manufacturing companies offer wooden frames with various color tones, including opaque lacquers. Similarly, also for the upholstery fabrics of the cushions it is normally possible to choose from a range of proposals selected by the manufacturer.

Pleasantly swinging under the shade of a tree

One of the most desired items for the garden is the hammock. The idea of ​​being able to lie down and be gently rocked in the shade of the trees is always fascinating. However, there are not always two plants sufficiently robust and close together to allow you to tie the ends of the hammock. To overcome this drawback, the production companies have developed independent load-bearing structures, which can be freely installed in any position desired. The designers then indulged themselves to propose aesthetically innovative solutions, capable of making the setting unique. Their limit is given by rather large overall dimensions. If you don’t want to give up on swinging pleasantly, you can alternatively opt for a rocking chair. The measures are smaller and each model is normally equipped with a canopy to provide shade,

Wooden garden furniture: Wooden accessories for alternative and original gardens

Up to now, fairly frequently used wooden garden furniture products have been described. Less common but extremely characteristic are, however, the gazebos, the Chinese bridges, the flower boxes, the shower cabins, the children’s houses and a myriad of completion objects. The gazebos, in particular, are made in many different sizes and aesthetics. Small or large, square, rectangular or hexagonal, with or without patio, open or closed. In short, the range is so articulated that there is only the embarrassment of choice, it all depends only on the space available. This is partly true also for Chinese bridges. They are usually used to climb over ponds or ditches, but in their absence they are also excellent for breaking the linearity of the space and enlivening the overall view.

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