Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture: a natural material

Choosing wooden garden furniture is certainly a style choice given the beauty of the material, but also an optimal choice from the point of view of resistance to atmospheric agents and wear over time. The wood used in wooden garden furniture is in fact continuously subjected to specific waterproofing treatments that make it resistant to rain: in fact, water is the main enemy of wood. The prolonged action of water or humidity on the wood could in fact cause deterioration and damage not only aesthetic but also structural since it is a natural material. The wooden garden furniture, due to the beauty and naturalness of the material which is characterized by infinite shades of color,

Wooden garden furniture: teak

Among the most used materials for the construction of wooden garden furniture there is certainly teak: a type of wood which, thanks to its properties, guarantees excellent durability over time and an excellent load capacity and resistance. Teak is obtained from different species of Tectona plants very widespread in tropical countries and is a wood of great value given the high resistance to humidity which allows it to be widely used both in wooden garden furniture and also in the naval and building. Teak has different shades of color and among these those that are most resistant to atmospheric agents are those that turn towards the dark: thanks to the presence of an oily resin inside which limits damage from humidity, teak wood is considered in best material for wooden garden furniture.

How to take care of wooden garden furniture

The wooden garden furniture, precisely because it is made with a natural material, requires a certain care in its maintenance especially at the end of the season to store them during the winter so that they keep their characteristics of color and impermeability intact. From an aesthetic point of view, the wooden garden furniture is certainly the one that most satisfies the sight and touch since it is a natural finish capable of adapting to any type of environment and style, but which needs to be preserved over time. some specific treatments. The first operation to perform is certainly to dust them with a wooden brush in order to eliminate any residues and allow the wood to breathe better: the teak wood garden furniture must also be polished with linseed oil to revive the color. Afterwards, it is advisable to carry out a passage of protective wax and two coats of impregnating agent to protect the wooden garden furniture from humidity and water; if the wood is particularly damaged or sensitized it can be reinvigorated with beeswax.

Wooden garden furniture: versatile and timeless

Whatever type of wooden garden furniture you choose for your garden, balcony or terrace, you are sure to have purchased a versatile and timeless product. The simplicity and workability of wood, a natural material, combined with its refinement in terms of color and finishes, allows designers to create furniture that, in addition to being functional, is also truly beautiful. The wooden garden furniture is very often used in combination with other materials such as fabrics above all to create real lounge corners where you can spend your time outdoors in absolute relaxation. Whether it is a contemporary or dated product, but well maintained, the wooden garden furniture gives the environment in which it is inserted a touch of personality hardly comparable to that produced by other materials. 

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