Wooden garden sheds

Wooden sheds for tools

The care of the green requires the use of tools and instruments that can be bulky and that often you do not know where to store: inside the house they would take up too much space or dirty with earth, while outside they should remain exposed to atmospheric agents and to the eye, creating disorder and breaking the harmony of the surrounding space. To overcome these difficulties, a solution is constituted by the wooden garden houses, which fit into the green space as elements with a natural appearance and which, occupying a small space, offer a sheltered and perfectly protected area for storing everything that is necessary for the care of the garden. The wooden houses can have different sizes, colors and aesthetic characteristics, so as to adapt to any open space; they do not require placement on building land and do not require permits to do so if they have small dimensions and are not fixed to the ground with concrete bases and floors. For any eventuality, in any case, it is good to inquire at your Municipality of residence and find out in detail what the regulations provide in this regard. Smaller houses are modular structures that can also be moved easily if you need to redesign the garden structure.

Small greenhouses

The wooden garden houses can perform more functions next to those of storage outside the house: among these, even those of greenhouse, more or less small, for winter crops. Equipped with windows or bay windows, this type of wooden house can offer a safe shelter against frosts and against bad weather in the coldest periods of the year. Here it is possible to move the pots and planters, but also to give life to crops knowing that the sprouts will be able to develop in a protected environment before being planted in the ground. The thermal insulation offered by the wooden houses is ideal for guaranteeing protection to the most delicate plants and flowers, without having to move them inside the house, where they could create clutter. while the possibility of buying wooden houses with large windows will also guarantee maximum light filtering. Houses of sufficient size can also be structured as multifunctional spaces, with shelves or small closets for garden tools and space for tables and the necessary for hobbies and DIY jobs that you want to be able to do outside your home, to avoid of excessively dirtying.

The purchase

Since a vast typology of structures falls within the category of garden sheds, even the purchase can be made in different ways. The simpler and smaller houses, which purely perform the function of storage outside the home for all those tools that you want to have at hand, can be carried out at any center dedicated to gardening and do-it-yourself, where it will be possible to choose between different models of prefabricated houses. For elements of greater complexity and dimensions, it is better to contact specific centers dedicated to furnishing outdoor spaces, where the possibility of choice will be wider. Instead, you can contact the manufacturing companies directly for more complex wooden houses,

Wooden garden sheds: The installation

Also with regard to the installation, a distinction must be made between the various types of garden sheds. Those of smaller dimensions and with a simpler structure can also be positioned autonomously within your garden, following a few simple instructions to fix the prefabricated panels. For more complex structures it is advisable to request the intervention of specialized workers appointed by the store, who will be able to position the garden shed in the best possible way. For better insulation from the ground, it is possible to evaluate the construction of a concrete base: also in this case, it is necessary to inquire about the legislation in force in the Municipality of construction, in particular if the need arises to make connections to the energy networks independent of the main house. Transport and assembly costs will also vary depending on the size of the structure and the operations necessary for installation: better inquire carefully at the time of purchase. For most of the structures, however, the arrangement is not particularly binding, as the prefabricated garden sheds can be moved if the need arises to redesign the structure of the green space to adapt it to the new needs of the constantly evolving family.

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