wooden garden tables

The wooden garden tables

The wooden garden tables furnish with taste and functionality the space outside your home and are the ideal solution for organizing a lunch, a dinner or a simple coffee with friends outdoors. Usually, the type of wood chosen for the their construction allows these outdoor furniture to be particularly resistant so as not to have to continually move them indoors in case of bad weather. These are tables destined to last a long time and really need minimal maintenance.The manufacturers specialized in wooden tables offer every model, both more rustic and classic but also with modern lines. They can be completed with benches or chairs or coordinated with pretty and very comfortable armchairs.

The views on the wooden garden tables

Opinions on wooden garden tables agree in considering this product an elegant piece of furniture but at the same time also practical as it solves the problem of furnishing the space outside the house as a garden or terrace. outdoor, the garden tables are made with a sturdy and resistant quality of wood, especially suitable for withstanding the humidity that is usually created in a garden with plants and trees. different sizes: they can be small and square for 4 people but there are also very large versions, to accommodate from 8 people upwards. In particular, the public appreciates the ability of this product to require minimal maintenance.

The prices of wooden garden tables

The prices of wooden garden tables are not as expensive as one might imagine, despite the importance of the basic material used. Obviously, however, it should be considered that depending on the production brand we can have different costs.In general, it can be said that for a wooden outdoor table in the basic version it is necessary to estimate an expense of at least 50 euros if it is a square one. for 2 people, double if you want to buy the 6 hexagonal model. However, there are also expensive pieces, made by world-famous architects and designers who consider the wooden table outside a real work of art. And for those who want to spend little? No problem! Even the giants of low-cost furniture have their proposals.

How to complete the wooden garden tables

How to complete the wooden garden tables? Obviously with seats that make our outdoor dining a very pleasant experience. There are different types of accessories that can further enhance the beauty of the wooden garden tables. For example, it is possible to combine them with wooden benches made with the same design present in the design of the table or, for those who prefer a more comfortable seat, with chairs or armchairs, perhaps finished with soft breathable cotton cushions. for the garden there are also umbrellas that serve to shelter guests from the sun while they have lunch: almost all the tables, in fact, have a central hole and an underlying pedestal to comfortably insert a parasol, perhaps always in wood.

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