Wooden garden umbrellas

Wooden garden umbrella

The garden is a space that can take on strong characterizing tones for the home, helping to make it unique and giving it a broad personality. Precisely for this reason, the furnishing of outdoor spaces is almost as important as that required for the definition of interior spaces: in both cases, these are spaces to be lived in and which must be welcoming and functional. As for the furnishing of outdoor spaces, the organization may require some extra special attention, especially as regards confined spaces, where every resource must be exploited to the maximum. Sometimes, the very structure of the house and the garden do not allow the creation of open but covered spaces: in these cases, garden umbrellas are particularly useful, designed to guarantee shaded areas in every garden. The outdoor umbrellas are available on the market in infinite variations, with different sizes and shapes, to be able to adapt to any garden and offer adequate spaces for the creation of outdoor lounges to be enjoyed in complete relaxation.

Mobile structures

Garden umbrellas do not only meet the needs of those who want to create large outdoor lounges and large spaces with fixed furniture: the lighter and more practical structures are made just for all those who prefer to be able to easily move the umbrella and reinvent your spaces according to individual needs and your desire of the moment. The mobile garden umbrellas are usually structures of reduced size and low weight, which can be easily disassembled to take up less space when not in use and facilitate any transport. These are not too large sunshades, but ideal for protecting areas with tables and a few garden chairs or deckchairs, creating a small oasis of peace and relaxation at any time. The small garden umbrellas can be anchored to the ground by means of a special base, equipped with the necessary weight to balance the structure even in the event of wind, or fixed in the sand or in the ground, for total safety and stability. Umbrellas of this type can have a small support for supporting small objects, or be accompanied by garden tables with a central photo, so as to allow the passage of the structure and make the most of the available space.

Fixed structures

To create shaded areas of significant size, however, it is good to opt for garden umbrellas that guarantee a fixed arrangement and that have a wider radius. In this case, the garden umbrellas are conceived as real stable structures of the garden, which constitute a static and permanent element capable of characterizing and giving shape to the space. The fixed-arrangement garden umbrellas not only have different dimensions than the mobile ones, but also an anchoring system to the ground designed to guarantee maximum safety despite the larger dimensions. Being elements of such evident impact, garden umbrellas have a particular attention to detail and style: selecting the most suitable one for the available space will allow to guarantee the garden an added value also from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, it is not only the materials of the supporting structure that vary, ranging from wood to iron, aluminum and various metals, but also the colors and features of the fabric that makes up the roof. It can be made using different materials, colors and patterns, to better satisfy any type of need linked to the taste and harmony of the space.

Double arm structures

If the surfaces to be protected are particularly large, it is possible to opt for particular structures of garden umbrellas, such as those consisting of a double arm and two rays, but supported by a single supporting structure. These are solutions with an elegant and original appearance, which at the same time respond to important functional needs. The single structure makes it possible to save the maximum space under the umbrella, in order to create large outdoor lounges equipped with every comfort, ideal for accommodating more people, with all the advantage of a double cover. Umbrellas of this type usually require a fixed arrangement, because they have a considerable weight and dimensions that make transport difficult. It is therefore good, at the time of purchase, take into account your needs and evaluate the possible location in advance, so as not to run into logistical problems later on. Double-arm umbrellas can be made with very different and varied materials and styles, in order to enhance any space. Particular attention must be paid to anchoring to the ground, on which the stability of the structure itself depends.

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