Wooden gazebos

Wooden gazebos

Wooden gazebos are excellent constructions that can create spaces to relax or to create corners where it is possible to have good privacy to eat and entertain with friends. The gazebos can have various shapes which, according to tastes, can be variable between rectangular, square and circular. The structures are generally made of wood which can be pine, fir, chestnut or teak. Wood is a suitable material for the construction of gazebos, as it has an excellent visual impact, guarantees good resistance to atmospheric agents and if the structures are subjected to continuous maintenance they can last a long time. So in order to create a gazebo you must initially consider some factors, such as the size, conditioned by the space available,

Project of a wooden gazebo

If the gazebo is built in the garden, the type of soil must necessarily be considered, so that it is possible to understand how to anchor the structure to the ground. In the case of soft ground, the anchoring poles can be planted directly in the ground, while in the presence of too compact soil or with the presence of rocks, a concrete slab on which the uprights are fixed must certainly be created. The most commonly used solution is the square gazebo with a sloping roof positioned in the garden, therefore on the ground. An essential thing in the construction of a gazebo is to ensure an adequate slope at the pitches of the roof in order to ensure proper drainage of rainwater. The side walls of the gazebo could be open or closed depending on the construction area,

Preparation of the gazebo

Since the gazebo to be able to have adequate stability, it must be anchored to the ground, for its construction it is necessary to request the correct authorizations for the construction, presenting to the Municipality a declaration of commencement of works. To begin the construction of the gazebo, the area in which the structure will be built must be delimited. In the case of a rectangular or square structure, 4 poles will be sufficient to identify the 4 corners. In these points, holes must be dug into which gravel will be inserted to facilitate drainage. Once the mortar has been prepared, the 4 poles that act as uprights in the holes must be placed and fixed carefully and in a perfectly vertical position with the mortar. The drying time can vary between 36 and 48 hours.

Construction of the gazebo

When the uprights are in position and immovable it is necessary to anchor 4 beams at the ends of the posts. The beams must be fixed to the posts with round head bolts. For the construction of the roof you can opt for various solutions, one involves the use of polycarbonate panels that are fixed to the upper beams. If, on the other hand, you want an entirely wooden structure, you will have to hook other beams in the upper part up to the total coverage. In case you want to be more sheltered it is possible to fix transparent polycarbonate panels on 3 of the 4 walls of the gazebo, those that are more exposed to the prevailing winds. The timber used for the construction of a gazebo must necessarily be treated, so that it can withstand rain, sun and possibly frost and snow.

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