Wooden houses

Wooden houses: general information

Making wooden houses is one of the main typical DIY practices. Wood is a material that is much more practical and comfortable than reinforced concrete. This is not only due to the aesthetic characteristics of the material, which instill a sense of warmth and tranquility, also from a technical and cost point of view there are many more advantages. First of all, a wooden house, not only suitable for housing gardening tools or changing rooms, is very suitable for creating a real home. It is good to always keep in mind that this material protects from the summer heat and retains heat during the winter season; it is very ecological because to be used for the creation of houses, it does not need mortar, concrete or bricks. Furthermore, the costs are very low, and you have the full satisfaction of seeing a small building made with your own hands. Of course, before attempting this type of work, it is necessary to acquire the basic knowledge of the material and do-it-yourself.

Wooden houses: planning

The design is a fundamental point of the realization of the wooden houses. This is essential to build a building in a precise way. As for the material, you need: a pencil, a ruler, a ruler, a screwdriver, a jigsaw, a wood drill, a carpenter’s hammer, a saw and a screwdriver. Assuming to build a small house of four square meters, you will need the following material: about 35 joists, about 3×15 cm beads, a 3 cm thick panel, 2 beams 4×4 cm as high as the wall and one about 60 cm high; round head bolts, nails, self-tapping screws, two hinges and wood stain. In principle, the house will consist of four panels used as walls, two to make the roof, a specific and solid panel for the floor.

Wooden houses: phases

The first stage for the construction of the wooden houses is to prepare all the material and equipment. We start with the arrangement of the 4 beams on the ground in such a way as to form a quadrilateral. The frame is fixed using 2 self-tapping screws for each corner of the house; once this is done, a corner piece is also fixed and fixed to the frame with four screws. A central beam must also be fixed on the shorter side of the structure. In this way the structure will have more solidity and will be safer. At this point the infill boards (beads) are fixed, always using self-tapping screws; repeat this action on the 4 walls, 2 roof panels. Remember to leave space for the realization of the door. Now all that remains is to put all 7 panels together using simple bolts with 2 washers to be placed on both sides. The self-tapping screws can be removed, especially if you want to disassemble the house during the winter season.

Wooden houses: phases

The last three stages that lead to the construction of the wooden houses are really very simple. Always following the project carefully, and realizing that every action is performed perfectly, it is necessary to close the opening between the roof and the front walls and between it and the rear ones. Having taken the right measurements, take the vertical panel and fix it between the two structures previously mentioned, using through screws. Now all that remains is to create the door and its structure. We proceed with the construction of the frame that will be mounted in the space used as a door; it is dabbed with the beads and the hinges are installed in the wooden wall in such a way as to hold the door. At this point all that remains is to cover the roof with a tarpaulin made of slated bitumen; it is fixed to the wooden frame with large-headed nails. Finally, the whole wooden house is painted with an impregnating agent. Eventually, after waiting at least one day, a protective and colored varnish can also be applied, according to the structure of the wood and its needs.

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