Wooden houses

Wooden houses

Inside the garden, natural and artificial elements must be able to blend harmoniously, to create an elegant and pleasant space to live and admire. For this reason, particular attention must be paid when deciding to furnish your green space, taking into account functionality but also the aesthetic result. This is true when preparing to purchase a single piece of furniture or a piece of furniture, and therefore even more when the element to be inserted has much larger dimensions, such as a wooden house, whose dimensions and functionality can be the most varied. The houses for outdoors, in fact, can be understood as simple and small places suitable to contain the tools for the maintenance of the green, or real extensions of the house, within which you can cultivate your hobbies without excessive fear of getting dirty, or spend time in company immersed in a green space even when the climate is not the most favorable. The houses that perform these functions can be built with different materials, even if the most common ones usually fall within the different types of wood, precisely because they are a natural element and therefore able to limit the contrast of an artificial insertion in the natural space.

The advantages of wood

Wooden houses offer a first aesthetic advantage, namely that of not constituting elements of strong impact within a space and therefore of not breaking its harmonious development. On the contrary, these are elements that can add further decorative value to the entire environment, especially if decorated or enriched with elaborate and characteristic details, in line with the personality of the surrounding space. The wooden houses can be made with different types of wood and therefore have different chromatic shades, or repainted for a touch of color and liveliness to infuse the entire space. The advantages of this material, however, are not only aesthetic: in fact the wood offers great resistance and, if carefully treated, is able to remain in excellent condition for a long time. Wood is also a good material as an insulator, and therefore able to mitigate the heat inside the house during the hottest hours, preventing the cold from penetrating excessively in winter. For this reason, wooden houses can also be used as places in which to set up small greenhouses, to keep their plants even in the coldest periods.

Accessories and complements

Depending on the type of wooden house purchased, there are many accessories that can be used to make it even more welcoming, elegant and functional. If, in fact, the houses used for the storage of garden tools can be kept in their essentiality, the larger houses to be exploited daily will have a better impact if enriched with details and personalized, like a real extension of your home. For ease of use, whether the windows are open or have glass, it is possible to place curtains that will not only decorate, but can also protect from the sun, the external view or the wind, giving a touch of color to the space. A further expedient that will allow the perfect integration of the house with the surrounding environment will be the placement of vases and flower boxes on the windows or outside the house itself, while the interior can be furnished according to the required functionality, with an eye to the elegance and taste. The wooden houses can be purchased and maintained in the natural color of the wood, or painted in colors that can bring out the particular aspect of the green space and enhance its best features, for a combination that will further enhance the entire garden.


Wooden houses can be particularly useful for gardening lovers who want to take care of their green area personally and need a sheltered place in which to store individual tools. The tool sheds can have small dimensions and are therefore ideal for gardens that are not too large, which need to be kept in order. The material allows a harmonious insertion within the surrounding space, without creating dissonant visual effects, while larger houses can perform the double function of external storage and small greenhouse in which to store their plants in the cold seasons. The placement of wooden garden houses varies depending on the appearance and structure of the garden, so that they do not constitute encumbrance and do not create strong visual breaks. Conversely, with a careful arrangement the wooden houses could also enrich the garden and enhance it.

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